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The difference between hydraulic gate shears and hydraulic pendulum shears

by:WORLD     2022-08-07

Hydraulic shears are divided into hydraulic gate shears and hydraulic pendulum shears. Both types of shears are good shears. So, what is the difference between the two? Maybe many of my friends don't know it very well. Today, I will tell you the difference between the two, hoping to help everyone.

1. The hydraulic gate shearing machine has higher shearing accuracy than the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine:

(1) Taking 12*3200 hydraulic pendulum shearing machine and hydraulic gate shearing machine as an example, the design clearance value of the pendulum type and gate type cutting edge is less than 6 wires, but the swing arm and swing frame body of the pendulum type machine are both less than 6 wires. The clearance between the bearing connections cannot be eliminated, and the accumulated shear accuracy error between the clearance and the blade clearance is generally more than 10 wires. The rear guide rail of the gate shearing machine tool holder body is supported by 4 large bearings, and the front guide rail is supported by 2 The bearing with the compression spring on the back is pressed, so that there is no clearance between the front and rear guide rails, and the added accuracy error of the clearance and the edge clearance is kept below 4 wires, so the sheared material is smoother and free of burrs.

(2) The tool holder of the pendulum shearing machine itself is arc-shaped, which ensures the straightness of the sheared material by the point contact of the arc, while the tool holder of the guillotine shearing machine is perpendicular to the lower blade. Linear motion ensures less distortion and more accurate straightness of the sheared sheet.

(3) Because the force point of the tool holder and the blade edge are not in the same line and the distance is far away, the tool holder is prone to fatigue and deformation after long-term work, which makes the knife phenomenon more serious, resulting in burrs in some cuts of the sheared material. The guillotine shearing machine is not easy to deform because the oil cylinder, the tool holder and the blade are in the same line and move perpendicular to the lower blade.

2. The shearing angle is adjustable

(1) The shearing angle of the pendulum shearing machine is a fixed angle, and the shearing speed cannot be adjusted;

(2) The gate type shearing machine realizes the angle adjustment by adjusting the oil volume of the closed cavity in series up and down two engineering oil cylinders to realize the angle adjustment: the shearing angle is enlarged, the shearing capacity is increased, the shearing angle is reduced, the shearing speed is accelerated, and the saving is The power and working time are saved, and the bending of the plate is effectively reduced.

3. QC11Y hydraulic gate shearing machine rectangular blade advantage

(1) Because the blade point of the pendulum shearing machine tool holder moves in an arc when it is working, only the diamond-shaped blade with two edges can be used; while the guillotine shearing machine tool holder moves in a straight line perpendicular to the lower edge, so it can be used directly. The rectangular blade with four-sided cutting edge doubles the service life of the blade.

(2) The diamond-shaped blade cuts the sheet, which is easy to cause twist-like distortion of the sheet. The narrower the cut material, the more serious it is, while the rectangular blade can avoid this defect.

4. Shearing oil cylinder life

The semi-circular block of the built-in oil cylinder used in the pendulum shearing machine is difficult to lubricate and repair, while the upper and lower chambers of the oil cylinder of the gate shearing machine project do not need additional lubrication, thus greatly improving the service life.

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