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The difference between hydraulic gate shearing machine and shearing machine and related knowledge introduction

by:WORLD     2022-08-08

You may not know what a gate shear is, but it is actually a very widely used production tool. So do you know the similarities and differences between hydraulic gate shears and shears? What are the internal parts of the gate shear? The following world press machine will introduce you in detail. The following is an introduction to 'the difference between hydraulic gate shears and shears and related knowledge introduction'.

【Analysis of similarities and differences between hydraulic gate shears and shears】

Many new customers will have doubts about gate shears and swing shears when purchasing shears. Hydraulic gate shears belong to the second generation of hydraulic shears. At present, manufacturers all over the world are mainly producing hydraulic gate shears, and hydraulic pendulum shears have basically been eliminated.

Compared with the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, the hydraulic gate shearing machine has the advantages of high shearing precision, adjustable shearing angle and long service life of the cutting edge.

one. Gate shears with high shearing precision

A. The clearance between the edge and the edge of the pendulum type and the gate type are both 0.04mm. However, the clearance of the bearing connection between the swing arm and the swing frame body of the pendulum machine cannot be eliminated, and the error of the shear accuracy of the addition of the clearance and the blade clearance is generally more than 0.1mm. However, the rear guide rail of the guillotine shearing machine tool holder body is pressed by the bearing with the compression spring pad on the back, so that there is no clearance between the front and rear guide rails. It can be made smoother and hairless.

b. Since the tool holder body of the pendulum shearing machine itself is arc-shaped, it uses the point contact of the arc to ensure the straightness of the sheared material. straightness is accurate.

c. 4000mm pendulum shearing machine tool holder has a serious knife phenomenon in the middle, and some incisions in the sheared material have burrs. This situation cannot be avoided.

two. Hydraulic gate shears with adjustable shearing angle

When shearing a plate with a thickness of less than 20mm, the pendulum shearing machine cannot adjust the shear angle, so the cut material has a twist-like twist. The narrower the cut material, the greater the distortion. The gate type shearing machine can achieve stepless adjustment of the shear angle, and the sheared plate is not easy to be distorted and deformed, so as to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece. What's more important is that the shear force is stronger when the shear angle is increased.

three. Hydraulic gate shears with long service life

4-sided shearing cannot be used on the cutting edge of the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine. Because the movement line of the blade frame of the pendulum shearing machine is arc-shaped, only the diamond-shaped blade can be used for two-sided shearing. The guillotine shearing machine tool holder body moves up and down in a straight line, and its upper and lower knife surfaces can be sheared by 4 sides, so the service life of the guillotine shearing machine blade is twice as long as that of the pendulum type.

In comparison, there are still many unsolvable problems in the design of the pendulum shearing machine. For example: the strength of the machine tool holder body over 3200mm is difficult to guarantee; the lubricating oil of its built-in cylinder semi-circular block is difficult to fill; the cylinder is not easy to repair; the frame is unevenly stressed; The 20mm sheet cannot use the back gauge device, etc.

[Introduction to the internal parts of the gate shear]

The selection of raw materials for the blades of hydraulic pendulum and gate shears plays a decisive role in the development of blade materials and the advancement of cutting technology. Next, our company will introduce to you four very good hydraulic gate type and pendulum type shearing machine blade materials, diamond, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, ceramics, cemented carbide, high-speed steel and other shearing machines used in cutting Blade, round blade material properties and scope of application.

When cutting aluminum alloys, the life of PCD inserts is dozens or even hundreds of times that of cemented carbide mechanical inserts. Piston pin hole, fine turning piston outer circle, fine turning piston top surface and fine turning piston combustion chamber, etc.

The high-speed steel used for the blade material of hydraulic pendulum and gate shearing machine, the milling cutter for milling the pouring riser, the milling of the horizontal groove and the milling of the expansion groove, and the drill bit for the drilling of the oil hole are all high-speed steel materials.

Cemented carbide of hydraulic pendulum type and gate type shearing machine blade material: YG, YD series cemented carbide mechanical blades are widely used in various processes of aluminum piston processing, especially piston roughing and semi-finishing processes.

CBN for hydraulic pendulum and gate shears: CBN mechanical inserts are used in the process of turning cast iron ring grooves with cast iron ring pistons. At the same time, it is also used in the processing of the piston three-dimensional master.

Diamond for hydraulic pendulum type and gate type shearing machine blade material: diamond mechanical blade can use the high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient of diamond material to achieve high precision, High efficiency, high stability and high surface finish machining.

The above introduction to 'Analysis of the Similarities and Differences between Hydraulic Gate Shears and Shears' and 'Introduction to Internal Parts of Gate Shears', I hope you can understand the 'Differences between Hydraulic Gate Shears and Shears' and related knowledge introduction” to help.

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