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The difference and related knowledge of different types of gate shears

by:WORLD     2022-08-22

The gate shearing machine is a kind of mechanical processing equipment widely used in the industrial field. So do you know the difference between it and the pendulum shearing machine? What do you know about hydraulic gate shears? With these questions, the following world press machine will answer you one by one.

[The difference between the two shearing machines of the gate type and the pendulum type shearing machine]

1. Cylinder furnace age: The built-in cylinder semi-circular block used in the pendulum shearing machine is difficult to lubricate and difficult to repair, while the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder of the gate shearing machine project do not need additional lubrication, thus greatly mobilizing the furnace age.

2. Adjustable cutting angle

(1). The shearing angle of the pendulum shearing machine is a fixed angle, and the shearing speed cannot be adjusted.

(2). The angle adjustment can be achieved through the rapid adjustment of the oil volume in the upper and lower chambers of the two items of the cylinder: the shear angle is enlarged, the shear capacity is deepened, the shear angle is reduced, the shear speed is accelerated, and the sheet bending is reduced.

3. Advantages of QC11Y Hydraulic Gate Shearing Machine Rectangular Blade

(1). Since the blade point of the pendulum shearing machine tool holder moves in an arc when working, only the diamond-shaped blades on both sides of the blade are used; while the guillotine shearing machine tool holder moves in a straight line perpendicular to the lower edge. The rectangular blade with four sides of the cutting edge is used, and the blade is adjusted by furnace age 1

(2) The diamond-shaped blade cutting the plate is easy to cause twist-like distortion of the plate. The narrower the cut material, the more serious it is, and the rectangular blade can avoid this disadvantage.

4. The hydraulic gate type has higher shearing accuracy than the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine:

(1). Taking the 6*2500 hydraulic pendulum shearing machine as an example, the design gap between the pendulum and gate type cutting edges is smaller than the clearance of the bearing connection between the four frames, and the clearance and cutting edge clearance are accumulated and sheared. The cutting accuracy error is generally more than 10 wires, while the rear guide rail of the tool holder body is parried by 4 large bearings, and the first guide rail is compressed by 2 bearings with compression springs at the back, so that there is no clearance between the successive guide rails, and the clearance and The precision error of the addition of the edge gap is kept within 4, so the sheared material is smoother and free of burrs.

(2). The tool holder body of the pendulum shearing machine itself is arc-shaped. It uses the point contact of the arc to ensure the straightness of the sheared material. For example, the tool holder moves in a vertical straight line compared to the lower blade. In order to ensure the shearing of the material, the small straightness of the sheet twisted shape is more accurate.

(3). Since the force point of the tool holder and the blade edge are not in the same line and the gap is far, the pendulum shearing machine is prone to weakness and shape change after working for a long time, which makes the knife phenomenon quite serious and causes some cuts in the sheared material. With burrs, because the oil cylinder, the tool holder and the blade are in the same straight line and move perpendicular to the lower blade, it will not biochemically form.

3. Precautions

(1) The operator should be familiar with the structure, principle and performance of the machine. If multiple people operate at the same time, a special person should be in charge of the command to avoid accidents.

(2) When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand between the upper and lower cutting edges.

(3) There should be no sundries or tools on the workbench, so as not to roll into the cutting edge and damage the machine.

(4) Regularly check all parts of the machine to keep the working area clean and tidy, and the wire insulation performance should be good.

(5) When the machine is used for the first time, after working for 25 hours, the nut at the pipe joint should be re-tightened, and then every 200 hours, the purpose of which is to prevent the machine from leaking oil.

The above introduction, I hope to help you understand the 'differences of different types of gate shears and related knowledge introduction'.

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