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The development history of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-03
Hydraulic press is one of the most widely used equipment in product molding production. It has developed rapidly since its inception in the 19th century. The wide adaptability of hydraulic press in work has made it widely used in various sectors of the national economy. As the hydraulic system and the overall structure of the hydraulic press are relatively mature, the development of the hydraulic press at home and abroad is not only reflected in the control system, but also mainly in the high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption; The advanced technology of machinery and electronics promotes the improvement of the entire hydraulic system; automation and intelligence, realize automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, and have the function of fault pretreatment; hydraulic components are integrated and standardized to effectively prevent leakage and pollution. .

As the two major components of the hydraulic press, the main engine and the hydraulic system, due to the mature technology development, there is no big gap between domestic and foreign models, the main difference lies in the processing technology and installation. Good technology makes the machine have obvious improvement in filtering, cooling and preventing shock and vibration. In terms of oil circuit structure design, domestic and foreign hydraulic presses tend to be integrated and closed design, and cartridge valves, superimposed valves and composite components and systems are widely used in hydraulic systems. In particular, the integrated block can be professionally produced, and its quality is good, the performance is reliable, and the design cycle is relatively short.

The circuit composed of new hydraulic components developed on the basis of integrated blocks in recent years also has its unique advantages. It does not require additional connectors, its structure is more compact, its volume is relatively smaller, and its weight is lighter. Eliminates leakage, vibration and noise caused by oil pipes and joints. The logic cartridge valve has the characteristics of small size, light weight, good sealing performance, low power loss, fast action speed and easy integration. It has appeared since the early 1970s and has developed rapidly.

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