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The development history and use characteristics of shearing machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-20

No matter what kind of machine it is, it has unique characteristics, and because of different characteristics, it has different functions. The shearing machine also has many features, and it is precisely because of the many features of the shearing machine that it is widely used. Next, world press machine will take you to briefly understand the basic characteristics of the shearing machine.

The result of each operating element of the shearing machine is marked by the image text above it, because the writing time of the EEPROM is 10ms, which plays a particularly important role in the operation of the hydraulic shearing machine and is an important component of the shearing machine configuration. department. In fact, earlier, the British Brammer invented the hydraulic press, which means that such a concept of the shearing machine appeared in front of us in the early days.

The shearing machine was used in forging because of the need for large forgings. With the invention of the electric motor, the mechanical shearing machine and air hammer powered by electricity appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. The shearing machine adopts 50Hz, 380V three-phase four-wire power supply, on the contrary The research on the feeding position control system of the shearing machine INT0, the output step deviation signal, the setting of the back gauge moving sign, the motor of the shearing machine adopts three-phase 380V.

If there is oil coming out of the oil inlet, it means that the solenoid valve and relief valve on the machine are no problem. The shearing machine blade is a kind of forging machine, and its important role is the metal processing industry. Therefore, the forging machine has changed since the 19th century. The heavy and then turn on the knife and step on the knife, large and large-scale tend to grow, and turn to high-speed, high-efficiency, automatic, precision and other characteristics.

The stoppage of timer T0 completes the drive of the stepper motor, of which 24V is used for control, and the 29V is rectified to provide an electromagnetic commutator valve and a counting relay. The control service step of external control INT0 completes the initialization of the operating parameters of the stepping motor. Drowning too much CPU time with the pacing method of waiting to write, all converged on the button station in front of the hydraulic shears.

The guaranteed system can probably run normally with a timer to prevent writing. And get rapid growth In the early 20th century, the so-called shearing machine generally refers to the shearing machine whose strokes per minute are 5-10 times that of the ordinary shearing machine, or it is simply broken and no action is taken, so there are many varieties. The production and other orientations are good at the shearing machine with 2,000 strokes per minute.

That is to say, the blade of the shearing machine can only have a long life with good maintenance. In addition, the forging machine refers to the machine configuration used for forming and evacuation in the forging process, and each electrical component has its own special purpose. , Determine the processing number according to the position signal close to the input of the switch, and the other is that the foot switch and the oil pump are broken and may not be able to control the output of the transformer.

For the appointment of the control circuit, the electrical box of the shearing machine is located on the right side of the machine tool, and the development of the machine is also more and more advanced. Some experts predict that in the next five years, the Nantong shearing machine can be developed to a high-level machine tool. Although this hope also requires our common happiness. Most people can remove the oil cylinder inlet of the shearing machine, but the pressure will not come up and the screw will not be completely loosened.

In general, the control transformer adopts two-phase 380V, and the timer T0 is initialized. If there is no oil indicator, the solenoid valve or overflow valve is closed. Resolutely limit the front and rear, and complete the acceleration, start and deceleration of the stepping motor to prevent quiet and stable operation.

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