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The debugging process and structural characteristics of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-19
Generally, we require that the three-beam four-column hydraulic press should be tested before each batch production, and then the production activities will be carried out after the inspection is passed. Before the no-load test run, use the pressure test pump to connect the relay valve of the main distributor as a movable test handle. Whether the action position and the rocker and cam angle are in line, the feedback mechanism operates harmoniously; the hydraulic press is first filled with liquid and exhausted during the no-load test run, and oil is supplied to the lubricating point according to the regulations with grease, pressure and oil quantity.

The debugging process of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press:

Debug the opening stroke of each handle and valve of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press, as well as the mutual position and interlocking position of the operating mechanism. During the no-load trial operation, the repeated operation of each mechanism on the full stroke should not be less than 10 times. Check the four-column hydraulic press. The lubrication and working environment of the hydraulic cylinder plunger, die base, lock key, shearing machine and working table slide plate are confirmed to be normal, and then the load operation is carried out; then forging is carried out at the rated pressure, and the test forging part can accept lead ingots or hot steel ingots, and test run The time is 8h. When the three-beam and four-column hydraulic press is under load for trial operation, check whether the lifting cylinder, balance cylinder, synchronizing cylinder, etc. are leaking; Representative forgings should be selected when forging red materials.

The load test run is under the rated pressure, the fixing parts of the four-column hydraulic press should be fastened, the operation of the system should be normal, the sealing of pipelines and valves should be precise, and the plumb degree of the column should not be higher than the specified, the column nut and the In the coming year, the local clearance of the joint surface should be in line with the delineation, the plunger and guide surface of the column, working cylinder, lifting cylinder, moving cylinder, etc. should be free from scratches, and the clearance of each joint surface should meet the specified requirements.

There are many valves in the three-beam four-column hydraulic press. The functions, structures and forms of various valves are very different, but no matter what kind of valve is structurally, it is acted by the valve body, the valve core and the driving valve core. The composition of parts, the opening size of the hydraulic valve, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet, and the flow through the valve are all in line with the orifice flow characteristic formula, but the parameters controlled by various valves are different.

Structural characteristics of three-beam four-column hydraulic press:

In terms of structure, hydraulic presses are mainly divided into four-column, single-column and double-column. The body of the single-column hydraulic press is a C-type single-arm structure. The hydraulic system is located in the body, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to operate; the four-column hydraulic press can be divided into Three beams and four columns and two beams and four columns are supported by four columns in appearance, and have independent power mechanism and electrical system. The oil pump delivers the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and distributes the hydraulic oil through each check valve and relief valve. To the upper chamber or lower chamber of the oil cylinder, under the action of high pressure oil, the oil cylinder is moved.

The program setting is more complicated, the production rhythm is relatively slow, the replacement frequency of related parts is relatively high, the buffer function needs to be set, the mold replacement frequency is relatively high, the pressure control and slider control requirements are relatively high, and eccentric pressure is required. These situations are more suitable for using three beams and four columns Hydraulic Press.

Among the four-column hydraulic presses, the most delicate part is the hydraulic system. Due to improper use and other external factors, the three-beam and four-column hydraulic presses often strike, mainly because they do not understand the working principle and structural characteristics of the hydraulic system. general cause.

1. The air enters the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press, and the air is mixed into the closed system, which will increase the compressibility of the hydraulic oil, cause the action error of the actuator, cause crawling, destroy the work stability and generate vibration, which affects the normal operation of the hydraulic equipment. .

2. The hydraulic oil of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press deteriorates. During the operation of the hydraulic press, these pollutants and oxidation products in the hydraulic cylinder will become catalysts for further oxidation, which will eventually cause the hydraulic components to be blocked or stuck, causing the hydraulic system to malfunction. A series of failures such as clogged oil pipes, reduced cooler efficiency and clogged oil filters.

3. The oil pressure temperature is too high, and high temperature is not a good thing. Everyone knows the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, which will cause thermal deformation of the machine, which will reduce the gap between the moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficients in the hydraulic components and become stuck. , causing action failure, which directly affects the accuracy of hydraulic equipment and the quality of products produced.

Special attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the three-beam four-column hydraulic press. When the amount of hydraulic oil is insufficient, the oil should be replenished in time to prevent the oil pump from inhaling air and causing unstable pressure and movement during operation. If the oil is emulsified, replace it in time to avoid damage to the oil pump and hydraulic system. .

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