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The cautions that you need to know before using the press machine


For any type of machine, safety is the first. A lot of companies see safety as the law. Sadly, injuries are always caused. In most cases, the reason is the human effect. So, learn and do what you learned. Never ignore

We will help you to learn the cautions in two parts, content as follow:. 
The Most Common Press Machine Accidents 
The Best Press Machine Safety Tips

1. The Most Common Press Machine Accidents

        A press machine is a tool, not a toy. Like any tool, if used improperly, they can cause accidents, and even worse. Sometimes it happened even you think you'

Because of the nature of the press machine and its functions, the most common workplace injuries involve hands and fingers. Pinch and squeeze accidents are common. The use of a press machine requires the worker to place and move the metal under the head or near the bending point, exposing the metal directly to high-risk conditions. About 49% of power engine injuries resulted in amputations.
If not properly maintained or operated the press machine, or if the preparation steps are skipped, the press machine has a large margin for failure. With heavy plungers at high pressure and no failure protection, the chances of getting stuck in the press machine are higher than you might think.

In addition, a catastrophic failure may result in accidental harm:
       IA pressure failure causes the press machine hammer to fall, crushing the object beneath the hammer.
       IA broken or loose press machine joint may break and cause the hose to separate
       I Metals break under pressure and fly apart in a jagged shape
       I Under harsh conditions, workers may suffer cuts and stabbings from sharp metals, pressurized hydraulic fluids from press machine,s and other projectiles.
      When bending a metal plate with a small surface area, the operator must place the finger very close to the punch point. If without the proper use of equipment, the risk of injury is high.

2. The Best Press Machine Safety Tips
       As a business owner or mechanic, you care about the safety of the press machine operator. In order to reduce the occupational risk of workers, vou need to comply with our press machine safety rules and comply with:
Maintenance: Preventive press machine maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid potential failures and injuries. The press machine is always under great pressure from high pressure, high temperature, and natural wear and tear. Over time and with heaw use, press machine parts and fluids need to be cleaned.and replaced regularly.

Inspection: Check the machine thoroughly on a regular basis. You need to check all press machine hoses and seals for damage, fittings for cracks and tight fit, fluids for dirt or degradation, and the machine as a whole for cracks. Pay special attention to any excessive vibration or strange sounds while the press machine is running, as they may indicate the need for urgent repairs.
      Cleanliness: Keeping the hydraulic fluid well lubricated and the environment clean is essential not only for the proper operation of the press machine but also for the user of the machine. Lubrication is essential to keep travel clean, reduce friction, and make the user experience smooth. Debris, dirt, and oil slicks cai create dangerous conditions. Make sure there is no possibility of slipping or catching clothes on discarded material.
       Training: Any worker using a press machine should have knowledge of all areas of operation to take appropriate safety precautions, including how to identify press machine problems and maintain overall safety. It is a special job to work with the press. It takes experience and skill to know how to operate the press machine safely. Undertrained users are at a much higher risk of injury than users who are not properly trained

       Watch those tips, hope you can work safely
       If you want to have more information about the press machine, Crank Press, Gear Press, please contact us.

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