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The benefits of the eccentric press machine.


The eccentric press machine is widely used around the world. It is convincing for its fast cycle time and variable lift. It is mainly used in press applications requiring only a short stroke.
In this article we will talkabout the eccentric press machine in two parts, hopefully, this article will help you to understand the definition and the functions of the eccentric press machine.

What is the eccentric press machine
The functions of the eccentric press machine

1. What is the eccentric press machine
The eccentric press machine has an electromechanical driving device: an electric motor drives the flywheel, and the flywheel connect the coupling eccentric device. At the touch of a button, the eccentricity grabs and triggers the trip. In addition to the eccentric press machine, the eccentric blanking machine also established its own position in the same way.
The eccentric press machine works through a so-called eccentric mechanism which requires the conversion of circular motion to linear motion. In other words, in an eccentric press machine, the impact force comes from the motor, which circulates and thus generates the force to hit the metal with the ool.
The eccentric press machine is a machine that facilitates sheet metal forming and forming through a variety of pressure applications, especially impact force The workpiece is pressed into the desired shape by various shocks. This type of engine can perform a wide variety of operations, making it both versatile and cost-effective.
Eccentric press machines are designed as single - frame or double -frame presses or straight-sided presses. They can be easily integrated into automated production networks.
Eccentric press machine is an effective method of molding, bending, and punching metals.

2. The functions of the eccentric press machine
One of the main advantages of eccentric press machine is its very wide application.
The tasks about the metal that eccentric press machine can apply:
I cutting
I bending
I finishing
I deburring
I deep drawing
These 5 functions are wildly used in many product manufacturing procedures.
Eccentric press machines are usually also used in ceramic tile production, but only for leather hard clays. This provides a very high mechanical advantage, so relatively small motors can be used to provide high voltage.
However, eccentric press machine has the disadvantage of short stroke length. For hard tiles in leather, this is an efficient and low-cost machine. Eccentric press machine cannot be used for powder pressing because it is difficult to fill the mold.

This particular machine comes in many forms, such as adjustable stroke presses or power presses. It also has some satellite machines that can be added in a modular way to make the machines more efficient. One such satellite machine is a news feed.
The eccentric press machine can be extended with the following additional modules:
I Stroke adjustmentI Pumping air cushion.
I Slide-out knock (mechanical or hydraulio
I Knocked downI Magnet wire
I Automatic loading systen
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