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The basic usages of the punching press machine.


Now the punching press machine is used in a lot of areas. Compared with the traditional machining, punching press machine has the benefits of material saving, energy saving, and high efficiency.
We will help you to know the punching press machine in 3 parts:
The punching press machine usage
How punching press machine work
Application and characteristics of punching machine

1. The punching press machine usage
The technical requirements for operators are also simple and easy to get.
The punching press machine can produce a product that cannot be manufactured mechanically.
Stamping production is mainly about the plate. 
By using the mold, the material can be blanking, punching, forming, drawing, finishing, shaping, riveting and extrusion, etc.
It is widely used in various fields, such as switch sockets, cups, cabinets, boards, computer cases, and even missile planes.
Many parts can be produced with a punching press machine.
The punching press machine is also known as punch machine, punch presses, back punch machine.
Characteristics of the punching press machine.

High rigidity
Stable high precision
Reliable and safe operationAutomatic production, labor-saving, efficient
Slider adjusting mechanismNovel design, environmental protection

2. How punching press machine work
The design principle of the punching press machine is to convert circular motion to linear motion.
The flywheel is driven by the main motor, and they are both in a circular motion.
The motion is transfer to the crankshaft and the connecting rod, the circular motion turn to the linear motion.. 
There is a point between the two kinds of motion. For this point, there are approximately two designs, one for ball bearings and one for pin type.
With this structure, the circular motion is converted to the linear motion of the slider.
The punching press machine extrudes the material and plastically deforms it to obtain the desired shape and precision.
Therefore, a set of molds (upper and lower molds) in which the material is placed must be assembled together and the machine pressurized to deform it.
The processing force applied to the material caused by the reaction force is absorbed by the punch body.

3. Application and characteristics of punching machine
Punching press machine widely used in electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, transportation (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), metal parts stamping forming.
The frame is of high rigidity and high precision.
Steel plate welding and heat treatment are adopted to eliminate the physical strength of the body so that the punching press machine can work stably for a . long time without deformation.
Punching press machine can uniform structural load, steel balance.
Stable high precision
The main parts of the punching press machine, such as crankshafts, gears, transmission shafts, and other parts, are quenched by heat treatment during grinding and have high wear resistance and long-term stability to ensure high accuracy and stability requirements.

The punching press machine is easy to operate, accurate positioning is due to the use of brakes different from traditional brakes. The high sensitivity of the clutch/brake combination, coupled with the dual solenoid control valves and overload protection commonly used in high-end international equipment ensures high-speed movement and accurate and safe stopping of the punch slider.
Automatic production saves manpower and improves efficiency.
The punching press machine can be equipped with the corresponding automatic feeding device, with feeding error detection, pre-cut, anticipatory device, car be low cost, high efficiency, and complete automatic production.Slider adjustment mechanism.
Slider adjustment can be divided into manual adjustment and electric adjustment, which is convenient, reliable, safe, fast, and accurate up to 0.1mm.
Innovative design, environmental protection.
Adopting advanced technology and design, the punching press machine has the advantages of low noise, low energy consumption, and no pollution.

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