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The application of bending machine in the future market

by:WORLD     2022-08-26

The development of press brakes is very good in today's era. Many places are inseparable from the press brakes. Without the press brakes, a lot of work cannot be completed. However, what kind of application will the bending machine have in the future market? Let's listen to what professional bending machine manufacturers think about this problem.

High-end CNC bending machine sheet metal folding dome navigation function, the process of CNC bending machine sheet metal processing is mainly divided into blanking processing, post-processing, bending processing, welding assembly and spraying and other processes. At present, most of the sheet metal factories in our country have made great progress in the blanking process, and generally introduce advanced CNC equipment such as CNC punching machines and laser cutting machines. However, as an extremely important process in sheet metal processing, bending processing is far less invested in equipment and software than blanking.

For example, in modern blanking processing, it is impossible to compile complex blanking processing programs without auxiliary automatic programming software. That is to say, when the factory introduces blanking equipment, if there is no supporting or existing programming software, everyone will think that such blanking equipment cannot be processed. But the bending process is not the case. When we introduce it to users who have heard about the bending software, users are often surprised that the bending process can also be programmed. The surprise is understandable.

Because from the perspective of the processing difficulty of the entire sheet metal production, the bending processing of a part is generally 4 to 16 knives, and the bending of the box accounts for the vast majority, which leads to the traditional processing relying on experienced operators. individual capabilities without relying on advanced software systems.

In addition, from the perspective of profit distribution generated by products, the profit distribution of blanking and welding is much higher than that of bending, which leads to the unwillingness of operators to make the above necessary investment in the bending process. In fact, there are some misunderstandings in understanding, and we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two aspects.

The complexity of the CNC bending machine bending process, if you only look at the bending action itself, the difficulty is undoubtedly lower than the blanking process. However, it must be seen that the drawing development stage before the blanking process has a great influence on the bending accuracy. If there is a problem with the unfolded size, no matter how high the level of the bender is, it is impossible to process the ideal product. We see that many sheet metal processing companies have quite a lot of personnel in the welding team. A large part of the reason is that due to the problem of bending accuracy, more effort needs to be invested in welding.

And if the product requires more precision, it may have to return to the development process and re-manufacture the product. This process not only wastes high-priced plates, but also wastes manpower and material resources in all processes including unfolding, blanking and bending. The final result is that, in addition to affecting the interests of the enterprise, it may also affect the final delivery of the product. The delivery time will affect the acquisition of future orders.

From the point of view of profit distribution, the profit set by most companies in the bending process is indeed not as good as that in the blanking process. This is because many people think that in the blanking process, because cutting requires the consumption of plates, of course, the consumption rate of plates needs to be considered in the profit system, but not bending, it is a semi-finished product that has been punched. The means of forming and processing, so the relative benefits will be much less than blanking.

Although the current status of this understanding in the market cannot be changed by one or two companies, as mentioned above, the failure of bending may lead to the rework of the blanking process, resulting in huge waste. Therefore, from another perspective, it can be understood that the standard bending process can greatly reduce the production cost of the factory.

On the other hand, since the introduction of bending equipment in many enterprises is not planned, they continue to invest when it is found that the bending process cannot keep up with the production progress and the pressure is too great. There is a row of bending machines, but due to problems such as insufficient operators, only two or three are actually started, which has to be said to be a very big waste.

There are other problems such as the accuracy of the machine itself; the problem of operator level. The problem of too long preparation time before work, etc., will not be discussed one by one here. In conclusion, it can be said that bending processing is not a simple processing operation.

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