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The advantages of hydraulic sheet metal bending machine and the treatment method of oil leakage

by:WORLD     2022-08-09

Today, world press machine will take you into the design of hydraulic bending machine, and also introduce the advantages of hydraulic sheet bending machine and the treatment method for oil leakage.

Advantages of hydraulic sheet metal bending machine:

1) The stroke is long, and the maximum pressure can be generated at any point of the stroke;

2) With overload protection, it will not damage the mold and machine;

3) It is simple and convenient to adjust the stroke, pressure and speed, and it is easy to realize numerical control;

4) It is easy to achieve fast approach and slow bending, and the conversion point can be adjusted arbitrarily;

5) The machine structure layout is flexible, and various structures can be realized.

What should I do if the hydraulic bending machine leaks oil?

The oil leakage of hydraulic bending machine is divided into three states: leakage, dripping and flowing oil.

Under normal circumstances, one drop of oil every half an hour on the static joint surface and one drop of oil every 6 minutes on the dynamic joint surface are all leaks. Whether it is a dynamic joint surface or a static joint surface, when one drop of oil is dropped every 2 to 3 minutes, it is dripping oil; all lubricating parts drip more than one drop of oil every 5s is flowing oil. The general requirements for equipment leakage control are: there should be no leakage at the external static joint surface; slight leakage is allowed at the dynamic joint surface, but it is not allowed to flow to the ground. Some leakage is allowed inside the equipment, but it is not allowed to penetrate into the electrical box and the transmission belt, which can be led back to the lubrication box.

1. Poor oil return or no oil return channel

The oil return at the bearing is not smooth, it is easy to accumulate oil, form a certain pressure, and oil leakage occurs; some oil return holes are not properly designed and are easily blocked by dirt; some oil return tanks have too small capacity, causing oil to overflow from the oil return tank ; Some are not designed with recycling devices. After the oil is used for a period of time, the oil will become dirty and some iron particles will enter the sealing ring when the bending machine is processing the parts, causing the sealing ring to wear and oil leakage.

It is very inconvenient to replace the sealing rings in these parts, and the front column and the sliding seat weighing more than ten tons must be lifted at the same time to be replaced. This is where the design of the bending machine is unreasonable. The designer should design a set of oil filter recovery device, which can not only reduce the number of replacements of the sealing ring, but also reduce the waste of hydraulic oil, and at the same time keep the surrounding environment clean.

2. The sealing ring is not suitable for the conditions of use

The most commonly used O-ring rubber sealing ring must be selected according to the use conditions and working conditions of the equipment. Under oil lubrication conditions, when the oil pressure<When the oil pressure is 2.9MPa, a low-hardness sealing ring can be selected; when the oil pressure is 2.9-4.9MPa, a medium-hardness sealing ring should be selected; when the oil pressure is 4.9-7.8MPa, a high-hardness sealing ring should be selected. If the sealing ring is selected, its allowable pressure is lower than the working oil pressure and oil will leak.

The above is the relevant introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the hydraulic bending machine.

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