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The advantages for the NC coil feeder.


Punching machine as a metal processing device, widely used in mechanical processing, the traditional stamping process due to the use of more single punch die single punch processing production for precision and efficiency requirements are not high. In response to this social need, the coil feeder was invented.Today the coil feeder has become a mature market system. The advantages of the coil feeder are analysed in this article.

What's the NC coil feeder ?
The NC coil feeder is a common type of coil feeder and is suitable for feeding materials of varying thickness and length. The two types of feeders used in the " market today are air feeders and roller feeders, both of which automate the production of punching machines but have the disadvantage of poor feeding accuracy and a small range of applications.

When the NC coil feeder is in operation, it is equipped with a system programmed with a servo motor driven by a timing belt to rotate the lower rollers forward and backward for the purpose of feeding and releasing the material. The entire upper roller seat i fixed to the frame by a rotating shaft, and the upper and lower rollers are pressed against the material by the reset spring. The upper roller is fixed to the upper roller seat and when it needs to be relaxed the whole upper roller seat is lifted to separate the upper and lower rollers to achieve the relaxation function in order to facilitate the material entry and the orientation of the die during stamping.

The main advantages for the NC coil feeder.
Low operating costs
The low operating costs of the NC coil feeder are mainly due to its compact design. The small footprint of the NC coil feeder means that the user does no need to set aside a large floor space. At the same time, the NC coil feeder has a rigorous process design, which makes it affordable and energy efficient.

Fast feeding speed
The NC coil feeder has a very high efficiency. It is reported that pneumatic NC feeders can feed up to 200 times/min and mechanical NC feeders can feed up to 250 times/min.

High accuracy
High precision is also a key feature of the NC coil feeder. It adopts a high precision feeding format and uses a servo motor; it is fast and responsive and has al higher and more stable accuracy when feeding, which improves the power of the whole feeding process.

These are the main advantages of the NC coil feeder. The NC coil feeder is composed of two parts: the feeding body and the electronic control box, where the feeding body is fixed to the side table of the press with a mounting plate, and the feeding height is adjusted by the adjusting screw to match the productionprocess characteristics of the mould.

How to use the NC coil feeder?
When using the NC coil feeder, we need to be aware that the machine should be surrounded by a safety zone sign or safety fence and that non-operators should not enter the machine without permission. In addition, the machine should only be switched on after making sure that there are no persons or objects in the safety zone that could interfere with the operation of the machine. Check that the screws and nuts that combine the various mechanisms of the feeder are not loose to avoid safety problems

That is all there is to know about the coil feeder. Did you get to know more about our coil feeder from the information above? For any product, our company has strict quality control. We can recommend the most suitable coil feeder system for our customers based on detailed information about the coil, such as the weight of the coil, the thickness and width of the sheet and the working speed of the automatic press line. If you need more information about our coil feeders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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