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Talking about the operation strategy of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-11

Many people do not know how to operate hydraulic presses. Hydraulic press operators must be trained and mastered equipment performance and operating techniques before they can work independently. Before operation, all kinds of sundries on the mold should be cleaned, and any dirt on the hydraulic press rod should be cleaned. The hydraulic press installation mold must be carried out under the condition of power failure, and it is forbidden to bump the start button, handle and foot on the foot switch.

Install the upper and lower molds to center, adjust the mold gap, and do not allow one side to deviate from the center. After confirming that the mold is fixed, test the pressure again. Before the hydraulic press works, start the equipment idling for 5 minutes, and check whether the oil level in the oil tank is sufficient, whether the sound of the oil pump is normal, and whether the hydraulic unit, pipes, joints, and pistons leak.

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