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Talking about the Design of Hydraulic Press

by:WORLD     2022-09-20
(1) The direction and size of the bearing capacity of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press, such as the cutting force of the metal cutting machine tool, the lifting tonnage of the crane, the clamping force of the clamping hydraulic cylinder, etc.

(2) The range of movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press (including the fastest speed and the slowest speed).

(3) The stroke of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press (including the buffer stroke),

(4) The form of the sliding fit of the load mechanism, the material and lubrication conditions of the friction parts (such as guide rails, support sleeves).

In addition, sometimes it is necessary to put forward specific conditions. For example, when the structure of the hydraulic cylinder is limited in space, the size of the hydraulic cylinder should be given. When the form and parameters of the hydraulic pump have been determined, the hydraulic pressure should be calculated based on this. The parameters of the cylinder, when the feed speed of the low-speed concentrated pressure cylinder is required to be stable, the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder should be determined based on the minimum stable flow rate of the speed control valve. When selecting the sealing form, the working temperature and the type of oil should be considered. , When selecting hydraulic cylinder materials and technical conditions, pay attention to its working ring collision and performance requirements, etc.

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