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System and maintenance method of CNC hydraulic bending machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-17

Today, world press machine will introduce the system of CNC hydraulic press brake and its daily maintenance method.

System introduction of CNC hydraulic bending machine:

The CNC bending machine is mainly an upper piston press. Its main working feature is that a vertical downward pressure is formed by two working hydraulic cylinders moving in parallel to drive the mold on the bending beam to perform the bending work. Its CNC Dipma hydraulic control system mainly controls the synchronous operation of the bending process and the positioning of the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom dead center when the machine is working at full load.

Most of the downward fast closing motion of ordinary bending machines adopts the form of free landing, that is, the movement is generated by the dead weight of the bending machine beam and various accessories. During this process, the rodless chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is filled with oil through a filling valve, and the rod chamber will generate back pressure at this time. Fast forward speed up to 250mm/s) is controlled by proportional directional valve open-loop or closed-loop.

The fast-forward movement starts from top dead center and ends at a large distance of 6mm from the bent sheet after a short braking phase. Various press brakes require different fast-forward end positions. The rest position of the bending machine is the upper bending beam at the top dead center. To prevent uncontrolled downward movement, the system seals off the rod chamber of the hydraulic cylinder with a leak-free back pressure valve.

The punching/bending stage of the CNC bending machine starts with the pressure build-up of the rodless cavity. On the one hand, the stamping speed is limited by the amount of oil supplied by the oil pump, and on the other hand, it can be adjusted by the proportional valve directional valve. At the same time, the directional valve also controls the synchronous operation of the bending machine and the positioning of the bottom dead center. Before maintenance or cleaning of the bending machine, the upper die should be aligned with the lower die and then put down and shut down until the work is completed. If you need to start the machine or other operations, you should select the manual mode and ensure safety.

After the bending machine is used for one month, check whether the bending of each oil pipe is deformed. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, the connections of all accessories should be tightened. When this work is performed, the system should be turned off and the system is not under pressure. .

Daily maintenance of CNC hydraulic bending machine:

1. Daily maintenance is divided into pre-shift and post-shift maintenance

1. Maintenance before class:

(1) Lubricate the bending machine according to the lubrication plate of the machine.

(2) Check whether the limit switch is sensitive and intact. Check whether the various mechanisms and operating parts of the safety guard fasteners are in good condition.

2. After-work maintenance:

Cut off all power parts and return tools to their original positions. Sweep and clean the machine to remove debris and clean the work area.

2. Regular maintenance

1. Appearance maintenance: Scrub the machine to ensure that there is no oil, no dirt, and no debris.

2. Maintenance of the upper slider

(1) Check whether the parallelism between the upper slider and the worktable is normal, if there is any deviation, it needs to be adjusted.

(2) Scrub the guide rails, screw rods and sliding surfaces to keep them clean.

3. Hydraulic lubrication maintenance

(1) Check and clean the oil pump, oil cylinder, piston, filter screen and valve group. If there is a puncture, it should be trimmed.

(2) Replace the damaged parts, keep the oil circuit unblocked, and clear the block if there is any blockage.

(3) Check the pressure gauge, if the pressure is wrong, it needs to be replaced.

4. Electrical maintenance

(1) The motor and electrical box should be cleaned and properly lubricated.

(2) Overhaul the control system and lines so that they can work normally and not work with illness.

The above introduces the system and maintenance method of CNC hydraulic bending machine, I hope to help you.

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