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Summary of hydraulic press noise

by:WORLD     2022-11-30
Summary of hydraulic press noise

1. Noise of hydraulic pump or motor

(1) The phenomenon of air suction is one of the main reasons for the high noise of the hydraulic pump. When air is mixed into the oil, it is easy to form cavitation in its high-pressure area, and it propagates in the form of pressure waves, resulting in oil oscillation, resulting in cavitation noise in the system.

The main reasons are:

1. The oil filter and the oil inlet pipe of the hydraulic pump are blocked or the viscosity of the oil is too high, which can cause the vacuum at the oil inlet of the pump to be too high and allow air to penetrate.

2. The oil seal at the shaft end of the hydraulic pump and the pilot pump is damaged, or the oil inlet pipe is poorly sealed, causing air to enter o 3. The oil level in the oil tank is too low, so that the oil inlet pipe of the hydraulic pump is directly sucked empty.

When the hydraulic pump has high noise during operation, the above-mentioned parts should be checked first, and the problem should be dealt with in time.

(2) The internal components of the hydraulic pump are excessively worn, such as the wear and tear of the hydraulic pump's cylinder block and distribution plate, the rotor and the vane fittings, which cause serious leakage in the hydraulic pump. When the hydraulic pump outputs high pressure and small flow of oil, it will Flow pulsation occurs, causing higher noise. At this time, the deflection angle of the variable structure of the pilot system can be appropriately increased to improve the influence of internal leakage on the output flow of the pump.

The piston that controls the flow of the hydraulic pump will also be partially worn and strained, causing the piston to pulsate during the movement process, which constitutes the fluctuation of the output flow and pressure of the hydraulic pump, resulting in large oscillations and noise at the pump outlet. At this point, components that are severely worn or strained can be brushed, ground, or replaced.

(3) The hydraulic pump distribution plate is also one of the important components that easily cause noise. During the operation of the distribution plate, due to surface wear or sludge deposition on the open part of the unloading groove, the unloading groove will be shortened and the unloading position will be changed, resulting in the phenomenon of trapping oil and causing higher noise. In the normal repair process, the distribution plate repaired by flat grinding will also show the result that the unloading groove is shortened. During the installation process, the large unloading groove of the valve plate must be installed in the high pressure chamber of the pump, and the direction of the sharp corner must be opposite to the rotation direction of the cylinder, otherwise it will bring more noise to the system.

2. Noise of hydraulic pressure relief valve

The overflow valve of the hydraulic press is prone to high-frequency noise, which is mainly caused by the unstable function of the pilot valve, which is the noise caused by the high-frequency oscillation of the pressure in the front chamber of the pilot valve caused by the air oscillation.

The main reasons are:

(1) Air is mixed into the oil, which forms cavitation in the front cavity of the pilot valve and causes high-frequency noise. At this point, the air should be exhausted in time and the outside air should be prevented from entering from the beginning.

(2) The needle valve is excessively worn due to frequent opening during use, so that the needle valve cone surface and the valve seat cannot be tightly sealed, resulting in unstable pilot flow, pressure fluctuations and noise, and should be repaired or replaced in time.

(3) The pressure regulating function of the pilot valve is unstable due to the fatigue deformation of the tension spring, which makes the pressure fluctuate greatly and causes noise. At this time, the tension spring should be replaced.

3. Noise of hydraulic oil cylinder

(1) The oil is mixed with air or the air in the hydraulic oil cylinder is not completely exhausted, and the cavitation phenomenon occurs under the effect of high pressure, which causes a large noise. At this moment, the air must be exhausted in time.

(2) The oil seal of the cylinder head is too tight or the piston rod is tortuous, and noise will also occur due to tension during the movement. At this point, it is necessary to replace the oil seal or straighten the piston rod in time.

4. Pipeline noise

Vibration and noise can also occur due to excessive dead bends in the pipeline or loose fixed clips. Therefore, dead bends should be avoided as far as possible in the arrangement of pipelines, and the loose clamps should be tightened in time. WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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