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Structural features of rotary hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-08-28
Structural features of rotary hydraulic press

1.C-type body design, integral casting, good rigidity.

2. The piston rod is mechanically limited, the downward stroke is adjustable, and the positioning accuracy is 0.02mm.

3. The pressure head is equipped with a pressure sensor, which can display the contact pressure.

4. There are two cyclic starting methods of button and foot pedal, and the pressing speed and time can be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. Safety design, using two-hand operation, with emergency stop button and up and down jog function.

6. The lowering stroke has two speeds of fast forward and working forward. Fast forwarding improves work efficiency; the working speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to protect the mold and improve product quality.

7. It is widely used in the pressing, bending, punching, embossing of parts, and the calibration and pressing of shaft parts.

8. Infrared protection device (optional)
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