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Some problems encountered in the use of the bending machine and the solutions

by:WORLD     2022-08-18

The use of bending machines in the industrial field is very large, and many jobs in the industrial field have become easier after the use of bending machines. However, the bending machine will encounter some problems in the process of using, once the problem is encountered, it will affect the use, so it needs to be solved in time. So, what problems will the bending machine encounter when using it and how should it be solved?

(1) Curve planer.

Hydraulic bending machine is the main machine configuration of hydraulic bending machine for continuous groove wall building. It is suitable for grooving of straight lines or curves with large radius of curvature. Higher than planned or standard requirements, shortened into groove sag, saw body easily damaged.

In this case, the original wall axis at the bend can be changed into two or even multiple straight line segments within the allowable movement range of the arranged wall axis, and the groove construction is carried out according to the broken line, and the joint is carried out by drilling holes at the breaking point. When the planing groove is close to the hole, control the planing slope of the saw body to ensure that the lower end of the saw body enters the hole, and then lift the saw body to adjust the planing direction to continue the planing, which not only adapts to the performance of the bending machine, but also realizes The slots are continuous.

(2) The groove wall collapses.

There are many reasons for the collapse in the groove, and the situation of the collapse is also uneven. If the groove wall collapses, not only will the saw body of the bending machine be buried close to the ground in an emergency, and the construction and layout of smoke will also cause the machine to fall over due to the collapse of the ground appearance, so it should be highly valued. Except for special foundations, it can be considered that if the mud level in the tank decreases, the tank wall will collapse and even the groove holes will be destroyed.

The drop of the liquid level in the tank is mostly caused by the leakage of slurry. If there are traces of slurry leakage, you should immediately choose a method to put the saw body on the ground.

(3) The saw body is stuck in the slot.

The situation that the saw body cannot be recommended or cannot be recommended in the early groove is very easy to occur when the groove wall collapses or the planing operation is stopped halfway. In order to prevent the saw body from being stuck in the slot, the saw body should be raised by some height when the planing is stopped halfway, or the saw body should be elevated from time to time, and the saw body should never be exiled in the slot without movement for a long time; check this. The width of the knife row should be changed immediately if it is damaged, and the bending machine ensures the instantaneous gap between the width of the saw body and the width of the groove.

When the saw body is stuck in the slot, it cannot be forced to pull, in order to destroy the lifting measures. If it is muddy and sedimented when it is stuck, you can choose high-pressure water jet assembly or use the air lift method to remove the mud. If the high-pressure water jet equipment cannot be handled, it can only be managed by drilling holes around the saw body.

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