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Some conditions required by the bending machine in use

by:WORLD     2022-08-26

The bending machine needs to meet some conditions in the process of use, if the conditions are not met, it will affect the use effect. I believe that many people do not know what conditions the bending machine should meet in the process of using it. Next, world press machine will introduce some conditions that the bending machine needs to meet in detail.

Frequency conversion energy-saving solutions for press brakes, with the wide application of press brake equipment, for the hydraulic equipment industry, power consumption is an important part of its production cost, and press brakes are one of the main energy-consuming equipment, so reducing The energy consumption of the bending machine has become an effective way for factories to reduce costs and improve product competitiveness. According to the principle of frequency conversion and energy saving, the power consumption of the bending machine is mainly reflected in the power consumption of the hydraulic system oil pump.

The power consumption of the hydraulic oil pump accounts for more than 97% of the power consumption of the entire hydraulic machine, so reducing its power consumption is the key to energy saving of the hydraulic machine. The pressure and flow required by the hydraulic press in the stages of fast downward movement, slow downward movement, pressure maintenance, pressure relief return, piston ejection, piston retraction, and buffer cylinder ejection are all changes. When the oil demand of the bending machine changes , the load pressure and flow are adjusted by the relief valve at the outlet of the oil pump, while the output power of the motor remains unchanged, thus causing energy waste.

The frequency conversion speed control device is composed of a rectifier circuit, a filter circuit, an inverter circuit and a control circuit. Its function is to rectify the AC power through the rectifier link, filter it into DC power, and then convert it into AC power with different frequencies through the inverter link. motor. Therefore, the hydraulic oil pump motor can be operated at different speeds. In addition, according to the theory of the oil pump, the calculation formula of the output flow Q of the oil pump is:

Q=2[π(R2-r2)-(R-r)S×Z/COSθ]B×N10-6, where R-blade radius r-stator short radius, S-blade thickness B-rotor Axial width, Z - number of blades θ - inclination of blades relative to the radial direction.

From the above formula, it can be concluded that changing the rotational speed N of the oil pump motor rotor also changes the output flow Q, that is, the oil pump oil flow is proportional to the rotational speed of the oil pump motor, and changing the rotational speed N of the oil pump motor rotor is automatically controlled by the synchronous signal of the hydraulic press. The output frequency of the variable frequency energy-saving speed control device is realized, and the power consumption of the oil pump motor is approximately in a cubic relationship with its speed, that is, the power consumption of the oil pump motor is P=P'(N'/N)3.

If the rated power of the hydraulic oil pump motor is 55KW, when the speed drops to 4/5 of the original speed, its power consumption will be 28.16KW, saving 48.8%. When the speed drops to 1/2 of the original speed, the power consumption is only 6.875KW, which saves 87.5% of the power, so that the oil pump load has a significant power saving effect. Among them, P'=55KW, N'/N=4 /5 and N'/N=1/2.

Pregnancy bending machines are not the same, can be roughly divided into ten sets of procedures, start, slide down fast, slide down slowly, slide pressure maintenance delay, slide pressure release delay, slide return, stop, in turn each time A process needs to use different working pressure and flow. Except for the high pressure for slow down, other processes work under very small pressure, and the pressure and flow are adjusted by the pressure hydraulic valve.

However, for ordinary bending machines, adding a frequency converter device only controls the speed of the main motor and plays a role in a soft start. It only reduces energy waste during the startup and standby process of the bending machine, and reduces energy waste when the machine is running. In the process, the running speed of the main motor can be reduced, and the conversion between torque and speed can be realized. The effect of energy saving is not very obvious, especially for small bending machines, the effect of frequency conversion energy saving is not very obvious.

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