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Solutions to problems encountered in the use of bending machines

by:WORLD     2022-08-26

It is a relatively normal thing for the bending machine to have some problems during use. If there is a problem when the bending machine is used, don't panic, just use the correct method to solve the problem. So, what problems are generally encountered in the use of the bending machine? How to solve these problems?

The CNC bending machine should choose the Kuaiwei brand. After observation, there are no signs of leakage on the surface of the two hydraulic cylinders. In addition, when the slider presses the workpiece, the particularly large pressure can sometimes reach the nominal pressure. Therefore, the possibility of leakage in the cylinder is small and it is certain that the set pressure of the relief valve is normal.

When the hydraulic cylinder is returning, gradually reduce the pressure of valve 9, and it can be found that the pressure at 3 points decreases accordingly. This shows that the performance of the relief valve 9 is normal, and the poppet valve 12 is disassembled and inspected. After careful observation, no wear on the surface of the valve core and valve seat is found. Since the speed of the slider is basically normal when it goes down rapidly, it can be concluded that the leakage in the pump is not large.

Through the analysis of the working principle of the operating system and the above inspection and diagnosis, it is believed that the pressing force is unstable and the slow return of the slider is probably caused by the failure of the reversing valve 6. After disassembling the reversing valve 6, it was found that the surface of the valve core was worn and fluffed, and the position of the spring at the end was seriously deflected. After the spring, it was found that the elasticity of the spring was seriously insufficient.

The mechanism of failure and its elimination, the wear of the valve core surface on the one hand causes the leakage in the valve to increase and the pressure to drop. On the other hand, it will make the spool difficult to move, and even make the spool stuck. Therefore, when the slider is maintained and pressurized, the system has the problem of insufficient pressure. The lack of spring elasticity and the inclination of the position cause the spool of the reversing valve to fail to return to the original position after the power is turned off, so the opening of the spool valve is too large. Small, throttling the oil passing through the reversing valve. Most of the pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump is overflowed back to the oil tank by the relief valve, so the flow to the hydraulic cylinder will inevitably decrease, so the return speed of the hydraulic cylinder is slow.

Replace the reversing valve with a qualified spring, repair or replace the worn spool valve core, and assemble it according to the data requirements. After re-installing in the hydraulic station, the adjustment can basically meet the requirements of the work and can suppress qualified parts. It can be seen from the above analysis and processing that in order to effectively eliminate the failure of the hydraulic system, it is necessary to master the hydraulic system. Working principle, in-depth understanding of the structure and working characteristics of hydraulic components. Only on this basis, through the observation, testing and analysis of the fault phenomenon, can the fault diagnosis and elimination be carried out correctly.

For hydraulic cylinders, in order to make the leakage in the two cylinders equal, on the one hand, try to make the matching accuracy of the left and right pistons, cylinders and other parts, including dimensional accuracy, position accuracy such as coaxiality, roundness, etc. consistent, on the other hand It is necessary to design the liquid circuit of the two liquid cylinders to be as the same as possible.

For the oil inlet pipeline, in order to ensure that the flow through the two one-way valves is equal, on the one hand, try to make the center of gravity of the movable frame at the center of the two cylinders. On the other hand, try to make the mechanical damping between the piston and the piston rod and between the piston rod and the end cover as close as possible to ensure that the mechanical damping of the two piston cylinders is similar when the two piston cylinders drop rapidly.

For the oil return pipeline, in order to ensure the equal flow of the two cylinders, it is necessary to make the oil return resistance on the oil return pipeline similar, that is, the pipe diameter, pipe length, number of pipe bends, and pipe bend angles should be basically the same. A mechanical rack and pinion drive is used to force synchronization.

Racks are installed left and right on the connecting frame of the bending machine, and meshed with the gears mounted on the frame. The racks are used as guide devices, and the error correction is performed by relying on the meshing of the gears and the racks. As long as the manufacturing accuracy of the racks and the gears It is guaranteed that the two working cylinders of the press brake can achieve a very high synchronization accuracy.

Through the cooperation of all parties in use, design and manufacture, the whole process of manufacture, assembly and commissioning has been effectively improved. From the current situation, the structure is simple and compact, the operation is stable, and there is basically no noise. The quality of the bending steel plate It is guaranteed that the bending efficiency can also meet the requirements.

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