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Service Industry of Our stamping press Products

Service Industry of Our stamping press Products

1) automobile stamping parts

Large quantity of small and medium size automobile stamping parts needs high quality press for bulk production. World can supply the C frame and H frame crank presses for auto parts single punching and progressive die stamping. Press stamping is the most efficiency process with few wasting metal scraps, while the precision of press must be ensured by excellent press supplier.

2) household appliance stamping parts

Metal stamping parts for home appliances such as the refrigerator doors, washing machine covers, TV backplanes and oven parts, all need press for stamping and punching process. 4 to 6 units presses can work as an automatic line with transfer manipulators or semi-automatic with transfer conveyors. World brand C frame double crank press and H frame double crank press are the best choice for household appliance factories.

3) car body main stamping parts

World JS series eccentric gear presses and JL series link presses are suitable for car body big size stamping parts such as the engine hood, roof, trunk lid, fender, door, floor panel and side wall. Automatic press line for G1/G2 parts normally includes one 1250 tons and three 800 tons presses or one 1000 tons, one 800 tons and two 600 tons presses. 

4) hardware and electric device stamping parts

World JH21 series C type pneumatic presses, JW31 series straight side presses and J23 series mechanical presses are widely used for small and medium sizes metal stamping parts production in the hardware and electric devices industries. Such as kitchen sinks, cookers, utensils, hinges, floor drains, locks and drawer rails. World press is always serving our daily lives.

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