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Safety operation rules of four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-11

Safety operation rules of four-column hydraulic press

1. It is strictly forbidden for people who do not know or operate the machine to start using the hydraulic machine. Usually, people must leave the machine and stop.

2. Work clothes, insulated anti-smashing shoes and other labor protection should be worn before class.

3. Check the following items before starting the machine: whether each travel switch, limit switch and limit gear iron are sensitive, the mold or press-fitting mold is fixed reliably, the buttons (or wrenches) of the electric control cabinet are placed in non-working positions, and the handle, Check whether the knobs and buttons are damaged, and whether the electrical grounding is firm. Check whether the main components and fasteners are abnormally loose.

4. Check that the oil level of the equipment should not be lower than the lower limit indicated by the oil standard. The outer surface of the column and the plunger should be kept clean, and the oil should be injected before each work.

5. Remove the sundries on the work surface, mold or press-fitted tire, adjust the working pressure and slider stroke, run empty for 2-3 minutes, and the machine tool runs without abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise, smell, smoke and other phenomena. Confirm that everything is in order before you can start working.

6. For equipment that works in consecutive shifts, the shift personnel shall jointly check and hand over the shifts in accordance with the provisions of (3 and 5).

7. Use the equipment in accordance with the technical specifications stipulated in the manual, and do not use the equipment beyond the specifications and overload.

8. It is strictly forbidden to work beyond the maximum stroke, and the mold should be designed and placed according to this requirement to avoid machine tool accidents.

9. When calibrating or pressing the workpiece, the workpiece should be placed in the center of the upper slider, and no bias is allowed. The indenter should slowly approach the workpiece to prevent the workpiece from being forced out. After each pressure adjustment before starting the machine, check whether the mold is cracked or not.

10. The molds, molds, workpiece pressing plates and horns used in the operation should be placed in the center of the indenter and leveled to prevent the pressure from collapsing and hurting people.

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