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Rotary hydraulic press design features

by:WORLD     2022-08-28
Rotary hydraulic press design features

1. The design of this model adopts a pressure relief device to add circuit, which requires low noise and fast stamping. It can reduce power consumption, save energy and consume less power during standby.

2. The hydraulic system is installed in the working room, with good heat dissipation performance and convenient maintenance.

3. The stroke, speed and pressure of the cylinder can be adjusted, and the studios are all electroplated.

4. The C-type open frame structure is sturdy and can withstand large pressure, and adopts precision slider device.

5. The parallelism and perpendicularity can be controlled within 0.03mm, the downward pressure is stable and there will be no warping phenomenon.

6. Two-hand operation. With manual, automatic, up and down inching. It is convenient for mold installation and correction.

7. Lengthened photoelectric hand guard.

8. Widely used in high-precision electronic products, hardware accessories, plastic parts. Stamping, punching, cutting, bending, etc.

9. Output 3T-50T for choice.

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