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Rotary hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-08-29
The principle of rotary hydraulic press

1: The rotary table hydraulic press adopts a C-type overall stress relief welding and a solid open structure, which can keep the machine body with high strength and rigidity, and also has a convenient operating space.

2: The design of the multi-station circular turntable avoids hidden dangers in operation safety, saves the waiting time for clamping products, and maximizes the production efficiency. The drive of the turntable can be divided into two types: pneumatic and hydraulic. The rotary table hydraulic press adopts high-frequency gear transmission, shock-proof buffer mechanism, mechanical positioning, and the repeated work accuracy is as high as 0.02MM.

3: The slider and guide rail are cast with ductile graphite, which ensures no deformation, high vertical precision and high-strength wear resistance.

4: The industrial control part of the rotary hydraulic press adopts PLC control, manual, semi-automatic and automatic three control methods. Manual mode is convenient for mold installation and correction, and two control methods of time and pressure can be selected in semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, which are suitable for a variety of product pressing processes.

5: The hydraulic part of the rotary hydraulic press is designed with a differential pressure circuit to meet the requirements of low noise and fast action. It can reduce energy consumption when it is in standby, quickly turn the slow device to quickly improve work efficiency, and form products accurately and effectively at slow speed. The cooling system can keep the oil temperature at normal temperature and operate continuously.

6: Maintenance of the rotary hydraulic press: the hydraulic system, the industrial control part and the fuselage are independently set up, and the maintenance is simple, convenient and fast. This article comes from the official website of WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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