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Reform and Development of Hydraulic System of Hydraulic Press Brake

by:WORLD     2022-08-12

Today, world press machine will introduce the transformation and development of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press brake.

The transformation of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press brake:

And finally connected to the oil cylinder, so that the operating efficiency of the oil cylinder will be affected, which will drive the rotation of the various parts of the oil cylinder, and the shear force is not enough to properly increase the main pressure of the system. There is a valve with a handle on the hydraulic valve plate. It can be adjusted, and it can be adjusted to 18MPA. From the perspective of energy saving, the design pressure of the hydraulic system is optimized. On the premise of ensuring the existing design parameters, it is recommended not to easily adjust it by yourself. If it is too high, it will affect the life of the machine. The bending oil cylinder is a power actuator, which can achieve the highest circuit efficiency of the system and save energy to the greatest extent. In addition, if there is residual air in the CNC bending oil cylinder, it will cause the equipment to be severely clamped. Once the hydraulic oil occurs effect, the sealing ring in the cylinder will be damaged.

The specific rotation can be seen on the display at a glance. Insufficient nitrogen also leads to insufficient pressing force. When cutting the sheet, the sheet cannot be pressed. Its performance directly determines whether the equipment can operate normally and improves the market competitiveness of the enterprise. , according to the method deduced in this article to determine the hydraulic system pressure of the shearing machine, and flush the bile gas to 5.5mpa~6.0mpa.

From a principle point of view, since the motor of the reducer is connected to the control device, rotation in different directions can be achieved through the control device. If there is air in the cylinder, a certain resistance will be generated, thereby reducing the linear displacement of the cylinder output.

Therefore, in the early stage of operation of the oil cylinder, the air in the oil cylinder must be completely removed. If there is any residual air, the air must be removed when the oil cylinder is fully operating at a low speed. In order to make a useful exploration, the manufactured shearing machine equipment conforms to the national energy-saving policy. The slow speed of going back is because the nitrogen in the return cylinder is not enough to flush nitrogen, and the sealing ring in the cylinder will be damaged because of this. If there is any residue, It is also possible to achieve the highest circuit efficiency of the system and save energy to the greatest extent when the cylinder is fully operating at low speed.

Development of hydraulic system of hydraulic press brake:

Modern hydraulic technology is closely combined with new technologies represented by microelectronics technology, computer control technology, sensing technology, etc., forming and developing into an automation technology including transmission, control, and detection.

At present, hydraulic technology has made significant progress in realizing various requirements such as high pressure, high speed, high power, durability, and high integration; there are also many new achievements in improving and developing proportional control, servo control, and development control technology. At the same time, computer-aided design and testing of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems, microcomputer control, electro-mechanical-hydraulic integration, hydraulic-electrical integration, reliability, pollution control, energy consumption control and other aspects are also the direction of hydraulic technology development and research.

Digital electronic technology combined with hydraulic technology. By installing the electronic control device in the servo valve or changing the structure of the valve, a wide variety of digital products have been formed. The performance of the valve is controlled by software. By changing the program, the design scheme can be easily changed, and various functions such as digital compensation can be realized.

miniaturization. With the advancement of hydraulic technology and the intensification of competition, the technology of micro servo valve has attracted more and more attention due to its advantages of small size, light weight and high unit power. The research focuses on the advantages of increasing pressure, the application of advanced materials and composite materials to reduce weight and the development of casting processes, such as the extensive use of casting runners in valve bodies and manifolds, which can optimize the internal flow of components and achieve component miniaturization.

Greening reduces energy consumption, leakage control, pollution control. It will develop technology to reduce internal friction and throttling loss and non-leakage components, such as the realization of pipeless connection, the development of new seals, etc.; the development of anti-pollution technology and new pollution detection methods, online measurement of pollution; the use of rapidly biodegradable pressure liquid , Such as rapeseed oil-based and synthetic fat-based transmission media will be widely used, reduce oil leakage to the environment, adapt to environmental protection, reduce noise and vibration, no leakage.

The above is the introduction of the world press machine, hoping to deepen your impression of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press brake.

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