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Reference and development of hydraulic bending machine manufacturers and their pressure debugging

by:WORLD     2022-08-13

When the hydraulic press brake is used, the coil is energized by the wire. After the power is turned on, the pressure plate is gravitational, so as to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base. The following world press machine will introduce the relevant knowledge of the hydraulic press brake to you.

Reference and development of hydraulic bending machine manufacturers:

Regarding the reference and development of CNC hydraulic bending machine manufacturers, with the increasing popularity of CNC technology, the working accuracy and efficiency of machine tools are also increasingly demanding CNC automation. At present, many domestic hydraulic bending machine manufacturers pay more and more attention to the research and development of numerical control system, CAPP and flexible technology.

The CNC system usually has more than two control axes as the target mission for the CNC bending machine. The most important thing is of course the stroke Y axis of the oil cylinder and the X axis of the back gauge. Of course, the control accuracy of these two weeks is also the most important, directly It affects the efficiency and accuracy of the bent product.

Hydraulic bending machine manufacturers have comprehensively applied high-end CPUs, and the CNC system can now program graphics with CRT proficiently. The entire product bending process and sequence can be displayed on the CNC display screen and intuitively and clearly.

For the production of large quantities of products, the flexible CNC bending machine technology is also indispensable. The flexible bending machine only requires the operator to input the product information through the menu, and the robot process can be easily and quickly produced. .

Debugging of hydraulic press brake pressure:

1 The calculation pressure of the bending machine is calculated according to the tensile strength of the sheet. If your board functions are different, although the calculation is the same, the actual power required is naturally different.

2 If the external factors are the same, it is only the problem of the bending machine, which can be adjusted in two places, one is to adjust the tensile strength of the inner panel of the system, and the other is to adjust the DA value in the system settings.

3. The center of gravity of the hydraulic sheet metal bending machine is relatively high, and the front is heavy and the back is light. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the center of gravity in the process of hoisting, handling and installation to avoid mechanical overturning and confusion. When hoisting, the angle of the hoisting wire should be as small as possible. , to ensure that the accuracy of the machine tool remains unchanged.

4. The left and right uprights of the hydraulic sheet metal bending machine are at the benchmark of the working table as the measurement level, and the vertical and horizontal deflections should be less than or equal to 1000:0.2. The foundation should be prepared in advance according to the foundation map, and the hydraulic sheet metal bending machine should be installed on the base. On the top, the anchor bolts are also installed, and the final grouting is performed. After the cement is fully set, the bolts are tightened and the degree of correction is corrected.

The above is the introduction of the world press machine, hoping to deepen your impression of the hydraulic press brake.

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