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Reasons for the failure of the hydraulic valve of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-14
Shanghai WORLD Press Machine mechanical hydraulic press manufacturer specializes in the production of small four-column hydraulic presses, 10-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 20-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 40-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 60-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 80-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 100-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 200-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 300 Tons of four-column hydraulic press and other three-beam four-column hydraulic press. Today, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will talk to you about the main reasons for the failure of the hydraulic valve of the four-column hydraulic press and the solutions.

1. Deformation

When the stress of hydraulic valve parts during work and the external load stress during use exceed the yield strength of the parts material, the parts are deformed and fail to complete their normal functions. The valve core of the relief valve is bent and deformed or the spring is deformed, and the deformation of the parts will reduce the flexibility of its movement, resulting in unstable system pressure or slow state transition.

2. Wear

The movement of hydraulic parts, valve sleeves, valve bodies and other mechanical parts constantly generates friction during use, which makes the size, shape and surface quality of the parts change, and the quality decreases and fails. The wear or deformation of the spool of the electromagnetic reversing valve will cause the valve to leak and reduce the efficiency. At the same time, due to wear, the metal on the surface of the parts falls off, which increases the amount of impurities in the hydraulic system and aggravates the degree of wear.

3. Corrosion

Too much water or acidic substances mixed in the hydraulic oil will corrode the surface of the relevant parts in the hydraulic valve after long-term use, making the accuracy and sealing effect of the parts invalid.

4. Fatigue

Under the long-term alternating load operation, the spring in the hydraulic valve will become soft due to fatigue, the valve seat will become fatigued, and cracks will occur and other damages. If the spring of the reversing valve is too soft or shortened, it will affect the working position and normal reset of the valve core, so that the system cannot work normally.

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