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Reasons for the failure of the hydraulic oil pressure system

by:WORLD     2022-09-16
Improper use and maintenance of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press will not only increase the failure frequency of the hydraulic press, but also reduce the service life and performance of the equipment, which is more prominent in some new hydraulic system users. For example, a glass door and window manufacturer in Shanghai purchased a new glass gluing hydraulic equipment. The operator of the enterprise started the equipment debugging without adding hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station. The result was that the hydraulic pump locked and the motor burned out within 10 minutes. bad, and nearly caused a personal accident. Another example is a hydraulic equipment of an enterprise. The hydraulic oil did not reach the minimum level of the liquid level gauge. Since the hydraulic oil could not be purchased in time, in order not to affect the production, the equipment operator put two pieces of oil in the oil tank. Bricks, the liquid level has come up, and the equipment has been turned on. As a result, it has been used for about 2 months. Because the bricks are pulverized in the hydraulic oil, the brick powder enters the entire hydraulic system, resulting in serious consequences of paralysis of the whole machine. In addition, overloading, overspeeding, untimely maintenance, and improper use of hydraulic equipment during use may all cause hydraulic system failures.

Failure of hydraulic oil pressure system due to hydraulic oil contamination

More than 75% of the failure rate of the hydraulic system is caused by the pollution of the hydraulic oil. When using the hydraulic oil, it should be regarded as human blood to maintain sufficient cleanliness to ensure that the failure rate of the hydraulic system is reduced to a minimum. In the hydraulic system, the most likely place to cause oil contamination is the oil tank. Many fuel tanks have defects in structural design and manufacturing. The most common is that the 'closed' fuel tank is not properly designed, for example, there is no seal at the joints and nozzles, which leads to the infiltration of dirt into the fuel tank. Contaminated oil enters the hydraulic system and accelerates the wear, corrosion, and blockage of hydraulic components, and finally leads to the formation of failures. In recent years, many manufacturers have done a lot of useful exploration and practice in the design of the fuel tank structure to reduce or prevent pollutants from entering the fuel tank.

For example, a fully enclosed fuel tank structure is adopted, except that there is only one ventilation hole communicating with the atmosphere, the fuel tank adopts a closed structure, and strict sealing devices are provided at all joints and pipes. The fuel filler cap is provided with a filter device to form a vent hole, which makes the liquid level in the fuel tank communicate with the atmosphere to ensure the normal operation of the system, and also prevents external pollutants from entering the fuel tank. Since the oil tank 1 is completely closed, the filter is cancelled at the oil suction port of the pump, and all the return oil is returned to the oil tank through the (return oil) filter on the main oil return line, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the oil in the entire hydraulic system. This structure not only avoids the contamination of the oil in the fuel tank by external dirt. Moreover, because the filter device is removed from the oil suction port, the oil suction resistance is greatly reduced, thereby avoiding the occurrence of cavitation.

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