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Reasons for the failure of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-05
The phenomenon of hydraulic press is different from the crawling phenomenon of hydraulic cylinder. After the signal is issued, the hydraulic cylinder does not move immediately, and then moves after a short pause, or sometimes it can move, and sometimes it stops for a long time, which is very irregular. The reasons for this insensitivity and the methods of elimination are mainly as follows.

①Excessive air removal method in the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press: exhaust through the exhaust valve; check whether the air is inhaled by the sealing ring of the reciprocating part of the piston rod, and replace the sealing ring.

②There are irregularities in the operation of the hydraulic pump, such as large vibration and noise, severe pressure fluctuations, block rotation of the pump, and slight seizure.

③ The hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press has a buffer device. When starting in reverse, the orifice of the one-way valve is too small, so that the amount of oil entering the buffer chamber is too small, and even a vacuum occurs. Therefore, when the buffer plunger leaves the end cover, it will cause the piston to momentarily stop or reverse phenomenon. Remedy: increase the check valve orifice.

④When the piston moves at a high speed, the steel ball of the one-way valve flows with the oil flow, so that the valve hole is blocked and the action is irregular. Remedy: When the passing flow is large, it should be changed to a cone valve structure with a guide shoulder.

⑤ The inner layer of the rubber hose is peeled off, so that the oil circuit is open and closed at times, resulting in irregular movements of the hydraulic cylinder. Remedy: Replace the rubber hose.

⑥ The hydraulic press has a certain lateral load.

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