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Problems that need to be paid attention to when using the die set of the bending machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-25

Die set is a problem that must be paid attention to in the use of the bending machine, which is very important for the bending machine. Improper operation of the press brake when using the die set will affect its use effect. Therefore, the press brake must pay attention to the following issues when using the die set.

Bend Radius of the Part, Next, look at the Bend Radius of the part. When free bending is used, the bending radius is 0.156 times the opening distance of the die. During the free bending process, the opening distance of the die should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. For example, when forming 16 gauge mild steel with a 1/2 inch gap, the part will have a bend radius of about 0.078 inch.

If the bending radius is almost as small as the material thickness, a bottomed die forming is required. However, the pressure required to form a bottomed die is about four times greater than that of free bending. If the bending radius is smaller than the material thickness, a punch with a front-end fillet radius smaller than the material thickness must be used, and the imprint bending method must be resorted to. In this way, 10 times the pressure of free bending is required. For free bending, punch and die are processed at 85° or less, smaller is better.

When using this set of dies, pay attention to the gap between the punch and die at the bottom of the stroke, and the overbending enough to compensate for springback to keep the material around 90°. Generally, the springback angle produced by the free bending die on the new bending machine is ≤2°, and the bending radius is equal to 0.156 times the opening distance of the die.

For bottomed die bending, the die angle is generally 86~90°. At the bottom end of the stroke, there should be a gap slightly larger than the material thickness between the punch and the punch. The forming angle is improved because the tonnage of the bottomed die bend is larger, about four times that of the free bend, reducing the stresses that normally cause springback within the bend radius.

Imprint bending is the same as bottomed die bending, except that the front end of the punch is processed to the required bending radius, and the punch and die gap at the bottom of the stroke is smaller than the material thickness. Springback is essentially avoided by applying sufficient pressure (about 10 times the free bend) to force the front end of the punch into contact with the material. In order to select the lowest tonnage specification, it is best to plan for a bend radius greater than the material thickness and use the free bending method whenever possible. When the bending radius is large, the quality of the finished part and its future use are often not affected.

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