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Problems and Technical Analysis of Gate Shearing Machine

by:WORLD     2022-08-04

Recently, gate shears have become more and more widely used, so do you know what problems are prone to occur in gate shears? Next, world press machine will introduce the knowledge and technical analysis of gate shears to you.

Problems that are prone to occur in gate shears:

1. What is the composition of the gate shearing machine?

The gate type shearing machine adopts the frame structure of all-steel welding; the four-corner and eight-sided right-angle guide rails have high precision and good rigidity, and are hydraulically preloaded. The hydraulic system adopts a two-way cartridge integrated valve; the whole system adopts digital display, photoelectric protection device and mobile worktable. It can be adjusted according to the process requirements within the specified range, and the operation is easy to use centralized control of buttons.

2. Why does the blade holder of the gate shearing machine fall off?

The return stroke principle of the gate shearing machine is the combination of nitrogen and hydraulic liquid. The flexible solenoid valve gives the pressure return stroke. If there is a lack of nitrogen or liquid inside the cylinder, it will definitely fall off. The gate shearing machine is not only easy to operate, but also has a beautiful appearance.

Technical analysis of gate shears:

1. Great structural advantage

Shanda gate shear is a closed structure, with good rigidity and small deformation. It adopts asymmetric three-point guide rail, and cooperates with the engineering oil cylinder of the suspension device, so that the tool rest is not affected by external forces when it runs up and down, and the tool rest can be adjusted directly. The fulcrum can achieve precise adjustment of blade clearance and cutting accuracy.

2. High shearing efficiency

All actions of Shengda gate shear are automatically controlled by numerical control coefficient system, only need to input sheet parameters, the system automatically generates shear force, positioning size, clearance, angle and stroke control, saving a lot of manual adjustment time, ensuring high quality and high efficiency yield.

3. Good cutting effect

The shearing principle of gate shear is similar to that of traditional scissors. The blades intersect to cut the sheet. By selecting the correct cutting angle and incision, the shearing area of ​​the sheet is larger and the cutting edge is smoother and cleaner. Shengda gate shears can meet or exceed the national first-class precision standard.

The above is the relevant introduction. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the gate shearing machine.

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