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Precautions for the use of hydraulic press cartridge valves

by:WORLD     2022-09-17

1. During the operation of the cartridge valve in the hydraulic press, because the return spring force is small, the state of the valve is mainly determined by the oil pressure acting on the three cavities A, B and X, while Pa and Pb are determined by the system or load . If external control is used (that is, the control oil comes from other oil sources outside the operating system), Px is controllable; if internal control is used (that is, the control oil comes from the operating system itself), Px will also be affected by the load pressure. Therefore, the change of load pressure and the influence of various impact pressures will inevitably disturb the internal control pressure. Therefore, when planning the cartridge valve system in the hydraulic press, it is necessary to conduct careful analysis and calculation to clearly understand the change of the pressure of each branch in the entire working cycle, and pay special attention to the disturbance of the impact pressure during the operation conversion process, especially the internal control method. . Pay attention to the use of shuttle valve and one-way valve, otherwise it will cause partial malfunction or paralysis of the whole system.

2. If the cartridge valves in several hydraulic presses share one oil return or oil drain pipeline, in order to prevent accidental valve core displacement caused by the pressure shock of the pipeline, a separate oil return or oil drain pipeline should be set up.

3. Pay attention to the influence of area ratio, opening pressure, opening speed and tightness on the operation of the valve.

4. Because the cartridge valve circuits of hydraulic press manufacturers are all composed of independent control fluid resistances, their action consistency cannot be as reliable as traditional hydraulic valves. To this end, the pilot oil circuit should be reasonably planned, and technical measures such as the use of shuttle valves or check valves should be used to prevent the system from appearing abnormal operation or even paralysis due to instantaneous passage.

5. The valve block, also known as the integrated block or the channel block, is the basic valve body connecting the device inserting components, the control cover and the external pipeline. There are installation holes (also known as piercing holes) for inserting components in the valve block, the main oil channel and the control oil channel, the processing plane of the device control cover, the processing plane of the external pipeline of the device and the installation plane of the valve block, etc. . The installation connection size and requirements of the cartridge valve in the two-way hydraulic press shall conform to the national standard (GB2877). The valve block can be selected from the standard parts of the cartridge valve manufacturer in the hydraulic press, or it can be planned according to the needs.

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