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Precautions for the operation of the bending machine and daily maintenance methods

by:WORLD     2022-08-25

We all know that the bending machine is a widely used machine in the industry, which can bend thin plates. However, in the process of operating it, there are still many precautions that we need to pay more attention to. The following world press machine will introduce the precautions and daily maintenance methods for the operation of the bending machine in detail.

Precautions for the operation of the bending machine:

1. Its equipment is a valuable equipment configuration, which is carefully handled by full-time personnel. Anyone who uses the device and its tools and measuring tools must obtain the consent of the person responsible for the device and submit to the unified arrangement of the person responsible for the device.

2. Students who join the practice must use it under the guidance of the guide staff. Anyone who uses this machine must obey this operating procedure. After using it, make a record and sign it.

3. Operators must go through training and obtain operation qualifications before they can operate; students' training applications must be used under the supervision and guidance of training guides.

Fourth, the use of the bending secret is too fine and quiet, whoever uses it operates, the viewer should not touch each button at will, and multiple people should not operate at the same time, and non-operators should stay away from the bending machine.

5. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or other parts of the human body between the upper and lower molds, so as to avoid personal casualties caused by wrong actions.

6. Be on guard against any objects touching the operation button by mistake, so as not to cause trouble caused by misuse.

7. The foot switch should be placed in a position that is easy to operate and not easy to touch by mistake, in order to guard against accidents.

8. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether there are any stagnant objects in the moving parts and moving directions of the machine. If there are any, they should be sorted out in time.

Nine, each time the machine is turned on, the system should be carefully allowed to perform a self-check to restore the X and Y axis coordinate systems.

10. After the system self-checks and restores the X and Y axis coordinate systems, start the hydraulic system of the bending machine. In the state of single folding, step on the down pedal to make the slider go down. When the slider is pressed to the slider block and the pressure is maintained , press the 'equal' key to make the Y-axis and Y1-axis values ​​the same, the initialization of the Y1-axis coordinate value is completed, and the confirmation of the Y1-axis coordinate is completed. Then step on the up pedal to make the slider go up all over the place.

11. If you encounter an emergency situation, please press the blood-colored emergency stop button immediately to stop it rigidly.

13. After using the configuration, anyone should sort out the various items in the configuration, and make a clean configuration and normal configuration.

Daily care and maintenance:

1. Hydraulic oil circuit

1) Check the oil level of the fuel tank every week. If the hydraulic system is repaired, it should also be checked. The oil level should be filled with hydraulic oil if the oil level is lower than the oil window;

2) The hydraulic oil used in this machine is ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25;

3) The oil should be changed after the new machine works for 2000 hours, the oil should be changed after every 4000-6000 hours of operation, and the oil tank should be cleaned every time the oil is changed;

4) The oil temperature of the system should be between 35°C and 60°C, and should not exceed 70°C. If it is too high, the oil quality and accessories will be deteriorated and damaged.

2. Filter

1) Every time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned;

2) The machine tool has related alarms or the oil quality is not clean and other filters are abnormal and should be replaced;

3) The air filter on the fuel tank should be inspected and cleaned every 3 months and replaced every 1 year.

3. Hydraulic components

1) Clean hydraulic components (substrates, valves, motors, pumps, oil pipes, etc.) monthly to prevent dirt from entering the system, and do not use detergents;

2) After using the new machine for one month, check whether the bending of each oil pipe is deformed. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, the connections of all accessories should be tightened. When this work is performed, the system should be shut down. pressure.

The above introduction hopes to help you understand the 'precautions for the operation of the bending machine and the daily maintenance method'.

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