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Precautions for hydraulic system pressure of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-21
Shanghai WORLD Press Machine mechanical hydraulic press manufacturer specializes in the production of small hydraulic presses, four-column hydraulic presses, single-column hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, turntable hydraulic presses, slide hydraulic presses, C-type hydraulic presses, bow hydraulic presses and other hydraulic equipment. Today, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will talk to you about the precautions for the hydraulic system pressure of hydraulic presses.

1. Pay special attention to the filtration and cleaning of the oil circuit. It is necessary to install a fine filter with a filtration accuracy below 5 before the hydraulic press enters the valve.

2. After the installation of all hydraulic systems, the hydraulic press manufacturer must completely clean the oil circuit before installing the valve into the system, and investigate the purification of the filter element together. After flushing the system for 24-36 hours, remove the filter and clean or replace the filter element. .

3. Welded connectors are not allowed for hydraulic pipelines, and it is recommended to choose connectors with a ferrule type 24-degree cone structure.

4. Before installing the valve, the hydraulic press manufacturer shall not adjust the installation at will.

5. The installation surface of the valve should be smooth, straight and clean.

6. When installing the valve, the hydraulic press manufacturer should check whether there is dirt on the installation surface; whether the oil inlet and outlet are connected well; whether the O-ring is incomplete; whether the positioning pin hole is accurate. When installing the valve on the adapter plate, tighten the adapter screws evenly. Before connecting the circuit, pay attention to check the connecting column, and enter the polarity check after everything is normal.

7. The fuel tank of the system must be sealed with an air filter and a magnetic oil filter. It is necessary to change the new oil through strict filtration.

8. The valve should be used strictly in accordance with the conditions specified in the manual.

9. The hydraulic oil should be changed regularly, and the oil should be changed every six months, and the oil should be kept within the range of 40-50 degrees as much as possible.

10. When a serious defect occurs in the system, the hydraulic press manufacturer should first check and remove the electrical and valve unexpected links, and then check the valve.

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