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Precautions for cleaning hydraulic presses

by:WORLD     2022-09-02
Hydraulic presses are contaminated during manufacture, testing, use and storage. It is an important means to eliminate pollution during cleaning and keep hydraulic oil, hydraulic components and pipes clean.

In production, the cleaning of hydraulic press usually includes main system cleaning and full system cleaning. Full system cleaning refers to cleaning the entire hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic device. The system should be restored to actual operating condition before cleaning. The cleaning medium can be used hydraulic oil; the cleaning time is generally 2-4h, and it does not exceed 10h in special cases; the cleaning effect is based on the absence of impurities on the loop filter.

The following points should be paid attention to when cleaning;

1. Generally, when cleaning hydraulic presses, hydraulic oil or test oil for work is mostly used. However, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquids cannot be used to prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipes, fuel tanks and seals.

2. During the cleaning process, the operation of the hydraulic pump and the heating of the cleaning medium are carried out at the same time. When the temperature of the cleaning oil is 50-80 ℃, the rubber residue in the hydraulic press can be easily removed.

3. During the cleaning process, the oil pipe can be tapped with a non-metallic hammer, which can be tapped continuously, so as to remove the attachments in the pipeline.

4. The clearance operation of the hydraulic pump is beneficial to improve the cleaning effect, and the intermittent time is generally 10-30min.

5. A filter or strainer should be installed on the oil return road of the cleaning oil circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, due to the large amount of impurities, an 80-mesh filter can be used; in the later stage of cleaning, a filter of 150-mesh or more can be used.

6. The cleaning time is generally 48-60h, which is determined by factors such as the complexity of the system, the requirements of filtration precision and the degree of pollution.

7. In order to prevent corrosion caused by external moisture, the hydraulic pump should continue to run after cleaning until the temperature returns to normal.

8. After the hydraulic press is cleaned, the cleaning oil in the circuit should be removed.

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