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Precautions for adjusting the pressure of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-08-30
Precautions for adjusting the pressure of the four-column hydraulic press

In order for the four-column hydraulic function to play a better role, we will adjust the pressure during use, and the pressure parameters include nominal pressure, ejection force and return force. The legal unit of measurement for pressure is Pa. WORLD Press Machine Shanghai WORLD Press Machine reminds everyone to pay attention to safety and avoid any accident from falling into the hydraulic press workbench. Generally, the following principles should be followed when adjusting the hydraulic press pressure.

1. The system pressure of the four-column hydraulic press cannot be higher than the pump pressure unless it is increased;

2. Whether or not to test the four-column hydraulic press depends on the load. It is automatically generated rather than debugged. The given pressure should be the maximum pressure value for the normal operation of the hydraulic press;

3. Turn down the pressure of the relief valve, close the outlet of the pump in the middle of the throttle valve and the reversing valve, adjust the relief valve, and the pressure of the outlet of the pump will rise until it reaches the required value. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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