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Precautions for adding hydraulic oil to the hot-pressing hydraulic press of garbage cans

by:WORLD     2022-10-02
1. The hydraulic oil tank should be carefully checked and cleaned before refueling. After filtering the oil with a filter of 100 mesh or more, inject it into the fuel tank. Change the hydraulic oil every 8 months, and check the composite waste bin hot pressing hydraulic press regularly every month. When replaced, the effective volume of the hydraulic tank is approximately 520 liters. NOTE: Clean the fuel tank before refueling. Do not use cotton or cotton cloth. A silk cloth or edible flour is recommended.

2. It is recommended to use 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil for hydraulic working fluid, and the ambient temperature is 0-45°C.

3. Please pay attention to the oil level in the middle of the oil level gauge when refueling the hydraulic press for hot pressing of the composite garbage can. Do not go below or exceed the range of the level gauge. During the debugging process, please pay attention to the change of the hydraulic oil position of the composite garbage can. After shutdown, replenish the oil level to the low level of the hydraulic oil.

Mechanical maintenance and repair systems must be constructed and strictly followed. Maintenance of composite waste bin thermoforming hydraulic presses is performed by qualified technicians. Operators can simply maintain only guards, general lubricating parts, manually operated parts where mechanical parts work, and signage for composite waste bin thermoforming hydraulic presses.

Determines the power loss and temperature rise of the hydraulic system. If the loss is large and the temperature rises, it will affect the normal operation of the system. It is necessary to analyze the reasons and take countermeasures to solve the problem. Test power, speed and stroke adjustability and operational reliability of a composite waste bin thermoforming hydraulic press. If a problem is found, it must be corrected.

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