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Operating procedures of shearing machine and its common faults

by:WORLD     2022-08-05

The shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to reciprocate linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate, so do you know the operating procedures of the shearing machine and its common faults? The following world press machine will give you a brief introduction.

Shearing machine operating procedures:

(1) Operators should be trained and certified.

(2) The operator should have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the structural performance, operation and maintenance of the machine, and cannot operate blindly.

(3) Various operation and maintenance systems for the equipment should be formulated in order to achieve standardized use, not to operate privately, and not to allow unrelated personnel to operate the machine.

(4) When operating the CNC shearing machine, the operator should wear protective equipment and take corresponding protective measures to avoid danger.

(5) Before starting the machine, it should be confirmed whether the amount of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the liquid level is in a normal position, whether the lubricating parts are lubricated according to regulations; whether the protection device is in good condition, and whether there are obstacles on the workbench and the moving route If there are any objects, they should be cleaned up, and whether the machine tool is reliably grounded.

(6) Before the CNC shearing machine is running, it should be idling to check whether the equipment is normal. During operation, it cannot be overloaded, and it cannot cut two materials of different specifications at the same time, and it cannot be overlapped to avoid damage to the equipment.

(7) When the shearing plate is fed, the handle cannot promote the operation under the pressing plate.

(8) After the workpiece is cut, it should be placed smoothly, but it should not be stacked very high, so as to prevent the workpiece from slipping and hurting people, and it should not be stacked on the aisle, which will affect the smoothness of the aisle. The leftovers and scraps generated during shearing should be cleaned up in time and placed in the designated location, and should not be disposed of or discarded without permission.

(9) The cutting edge of the CNC blade should be kept sharp to ensure the shearing effect. If the cutting edge is dull or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

(10) After the operation of the machine tool is completed, cut off the power supply and air source to prevent accidental startup, clean the work surface and workplace, and do daily maintenance and lubrication.

Common faults of shears:

(1) Turn on the power, the indicator light is on, and the motor cannot be started. Phase loss of power supply or virtual connection of main control line. Overhaul power and control wires and master stop button.

(2) The skin of the board is sometimes thin and thick. The knife is high or low, the knife seam is inconsistent with the knife feed hanging wheel, and the wood is yin and yang. Refer to the knife adjustment chart to adjust the height of the knife, adjust the slit and the hanging wheel, and replace the wood.

(3) Automatic feed during normal rotary cutting, and stop when feeding.

1) Virtual connection of feed circuit.

2) The electromagnetic clutch slips and the knife is too high.

3) Check whether the feed line is virtual connection.

4) Clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel oil and adjust the knife height.

The above is the introduction of the shearing machine, I hope to help you.

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