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Notes for use of punch presses


1. Before starting, check whether the fastening screw of the machine is loose, whether the control mechanism, stop device and clutch are normal. The machine should run for 2-3 minutes before working, check the flexibility of hand and foot brakes and other control devices, and confirm that it can be used after normal operation, and shall not run with disease.

2, sliding and rotating parts must be filled with lubricating oil, check the lubrication of each component, check whether the main lubrication system is blocked or lack of oil, and make the lubrication point is fully lubricated.

3. Use the safety protection and control devices on the equipment correctly. The transmission parts exposed on the surface of the machine must be installed with a protective cover and shall not be removed arbitrarily.Check whether the punch protection device is complete before starting the machine. Do not start or test the machine without removing the protective cover.

4, regularly check the mold installation, if there is loose or slip should be adjusted in time.When installing the mold, the slider must be opened to the lower dead point, and the closing height must be adjusted by manual or point-moving method to prevent the accident of the deep mandrel shaft not turning over to the mold.The upper and lower punching dies must be aligned to ensure the correct position and avoid eccentric installation;The clamping must be firm and correct. The stamping die pair should tighten the upper die first, and then tighten the lower die after 1 times of operation.

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