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Multi-station rotary hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-02
This machine adopts a C-type integral welded solid and open structure, which can maintain the high strength and rigidity of the body, and also has a convenient operating space. At present, the multi-station hydraulic press is based on even numbers, such as 2-station, 4-station, 6-station, 8-station, and 10-station, with a maximum of 48 equal parts.

This machine adopts high-frequency gear transmission, shock-proof buffer mechanism, mechanical positioning, and the repeated work accuracy is as high as 0.02MM.

The sliding block and guide rail are cast with ductile graphite, which ensures no deformation, high vertical precision and high-strength wear resistance.

The industrial control part uses three control modes: PLC control, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Suitable for a variety of product pressing processes.

The hydraulic part uses the differential pressure circuit design to meet the requirements of low noise and fast action.

Maintenance, hydraulic system and industrial control part and body are set independently, maintenance is simple, convenient and fast.

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