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Motor press

by:WORLD     2022-08-27
Motor pressing machine is an online testing equipment for automobile motors. While all motors used in automobiles pursue high reliability, the noise control of moving parts is also very knowledgeable. Whether a small micro motor has superior performance is reflected in the design, punching, pressing. Loading shafts, winding, balance detection and correction, etc., each process must be well-documented to achieve the expected results. Industrial upgrading, product upgrading, quality improvement and even Chinese creation cannot be solved in one sentence. , Need service equipment and means to control quality, Shanghai WORLD Press Machine Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design of various standard and non-standard hydraulic machinery and hydraulic machinery, CNC machinery, automation machinery, Manufacturing, sales and maintenance as one of the manufacturers. An automobile cooling fan manufacturer in Dongguan practiced the creation in China. Through process improvement and equipment renewal, it purchased dozens of presses from WORLD Press Machine at one time, and eliminated outdated hydraulic presses and punching machines.

The motor press-fitting machine is similar to the press-fitting of the rotor of the motor and the commutator, and the torsional strength of the embedded is guaranteed by controlling the amount of interference or punching the shaft (also called anti-rotation rib). If the amount of interference and the centimeter is too large or too small, it will affect the torsional strength of the rotor, the commutator and the shaft. To achieve zero defects of the product; for the assembly that is accurately pressed to the position close to the circlip, it is difficult to unify due to the shaft length tolerance, and the pressing position of each workpiece should be different; the fixed position of the ordinary press is pressed. , the problem is that there is axial displacement when the motor is running, which affects the running noise and stability of the motor; the precision press machine can stop when the pressure changes suddenly, so as to be close to the spring position; improve product quality; The bed press has the risk of falling off and cracking. The precision press machine sorts out the risky products through the pressure on-line inspection and finds potential quality risks.

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