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Matters needing attention in the pressing process of bearing press

by:WORLD     2022-08-28

WORLD Press Machine is a motor-driven press. Its execution process is controlled by software programming motion process, transmitted to the numerical control application module, and then driven by the driver to drive the motion of the motor, and through the transmission device to realize the motion control of the output end . After the final shaft is pressed out, the pressure sensor feeds back the analog signal through the deformation variable. After amplification and analog-to-digital conversion, it becomes a digital signal and outputs it to the PLC to realize pressure monitoring; through the motor analysis encoder feedback position signal to realize position and speed monitoring.

As a new technology, WORLD Press Machine and press machine have many advantages that traditional hydraulic presses do not have. In the process of bearing pressing and other processes, traditional hydraulic presses are gradually being replaced by means of equipment renewal and intelligent needs. The press has effectively improved the level of bearing manufacturing technology.

Before using the bearing press for pressing, the following points need to be prepared:

1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the working environment on site, try to put the equipment in a dry, clean and ventilated room, and let the 4 anti-vibration foot cups of the press (some are 6) all touch the ground and lock them firmly.

2. Prepare the power supply required for the press, usually single-phase 220V or three-phase 380V. The power supply needs to be protected by a leakage switch. When wiring, the fixing screws of the wire fork and the wire row should be tightened.

3. Prepare some small tools such as adjustable wrench for daily use.

4. Please read the manual clearly before using the device.

5. The operator must be neatly dressed and cannot wear rings, watches, jewelry, bracelets, ties and other items.

6. The operator must be trained or designated by the company to operate the equipment. Do not joke with others while working, and operate with caution.

7. Before operating the machine, it is necessary to check whether the function of each button of the equipment and the safety protection device are normal. Before working, carefully check whether the workstation is properly arranged. Whether there are foreign objects in the work area, the condition of machine tools and implements, etc. Work or start the machine tool after confirmation.

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