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Main features of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-12-02
Main features of hydraulic press:

1: The press is a high-precision intelligent press-fitting device that is driven by a motor and outputs force through a high-precision ball screw to implement pressure assembly and pressure displacement detection functions.

The professionally developed control software ensures the accurate control of parameters such as pressing force, stop position, pressing speed and pressure holding time in the whole process, and achieves numerical control management of the whole process.

2: Since the equipment itself has accurate pressure and displacement control functions, there is no need to add a hard limit to the tooling. When processing products of different specifications, you only need to call different pressing devices.

Program, so you can easily realize the multi-purpose and kneading of one machine.

3: The whole process curve of pressing force and displacement is displayed on the LCD touch screen. The whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified or not at any stage of the operation, and remove all defective products in real time, thereby realizing online management.

4: The pressing force, pressing depth, pressing speed, pressure holding time, etc. can all be digitally input on the operation panel, with a clear interface and simple operation.

5: By connecting the U disk through the external port, the pressing data can be stored on the computer to ensure the traceability of the product processing data and facilitate the production quality control management. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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