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JH21-25 ton c frame press machine.

JH21-25 ton c frame press machine.


JH21-25 ton c frame press machine. The 25 ton is the smallest one press machine in the JH21 series . The machine features fine steel plates welded machine body , tempering treatment or vibration relief , shot blasting , rigidness , accuracy and stability . Vertical located crank shaft , compact structure ; the crank shaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching , which has a good smooth finish and rotates flexibly ; lengthened rectangle hex guideway with a surface of bronze plate , which has high guide accuracy .

JH21-25 ton machine parameters:
Nominal : 250 kn
Slide stroke : 80 mm
Max die set height : 250 mm
Die height adjustment : 50 mm

Slide bottom size : 360x250 mm

Bolster size : 720x400 mm

Bolster thickness : 80 mm

Motor power : 3 kw

Overall dimensions : 1500x945x2120 mm

Weight : 2450 kgs

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