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JH21-125 Automatic C Frame Pneumatic Press Machine

JH21-125 Automatic C Frame Pneumatic Press Machine


JH21 C frame mechanical power press machine (punching press, press machine, stamping press), capacity range from 25 ton to 400 ton. Welded steel body, heat treatment, shot blasting, better rigidness, accuracy and stability. PLC control, wet type combined pneumatic clutch and brake, hydraulic overload protected, auto lubricated. The press can work with NC feeder for automatic production.

JH21-125 Automatic C Frame Pneumatic Press Machine

The JH21 series 125-ton c frame pneumatic press machine is a versatile and high-performance mechanical device designed for various metalworking applications. This specific model offers a punching force of 125 tons, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks in industries like automotive, electronics, appliances, and metal fabrication.

The pneumatic press machine features a robust c frame structure that provides stability and rigidity during operation. This design minimizes deformation and ensures precise and accurate punches. The machine is equipped with a pneumatic system that delivers powerful and consistent punching motions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

With its advanced technology, the 150 tons c frame pneumatic press machine offers user-friendly operation and flexibility. It includes adjustable stroke length, variable speed control, and programmable controls, allowing for precise positioning and repetitive operations. The machine also incorporates a responsive and reliable pneumatic system that ensures smooth and controlled movements.

Safety is a top priority for the pneumatic press machine. It includes safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and safety guards to ensure operator safety during operation.

The JH21 125 ton c frame pneumatic press machine - world is widely used in metalworking industries for tasks such as punching, hole cutting, bending, and forming. It can handle various materials, including metal sheets, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics. The machine's high punching force, precision, and durability make it an excellent choice for demanding metalworking applications.

In summary, this pneumatic press machine is a robust and efficient machine that provides reliable punching capabilities for a wide range of metalworking applications. Its sturdy construction, advanced features, user-friendly controls, and emphasis on safety make it a popular choice among manufacturers seeking high quality and productivity in their metalworking operations.



  • Steel welded body, tempering treatment, high rigidity, accuracy and stability.

  • Cross located crankshaft, compact structure.

  • The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching.

  • The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching.

  • PLC control and imported safety dual valve.
  • Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, which balances the slide block and ounch weight to reduce noise and impact.
  • Wet clutch and hydraulic overload protected pump.
  • Both auto grease lubrication system and manual thin oil lubrication system.
Nominal CapacityPeKN1250
Slide Stroke LengthSmm180
Slide StrokesFixed
Max. Die Shut HeightH2mm350
Die Shut Height Adjustmenttmm90
Throat DepthC1mm350
Distance Between Uprightsd1mm670
Slide Bottom SizeFBbmm520
Shank Hole SizeDiameterdmm70
Table SizeFBDmm680
Table Hole Diameter¢mm200
Overall DimensionsFBAmm2040
Motor Power




Wet Clucth


Wet type pneumatic clutch with imported clutch disc, NOK seals, lower noise and maintenance cost, longer service life.


HMI for Easy Operation

HMI according to the working time or working stroke times.The press has both mechanical and electrical cam controllers. The precision is 0.1mm. 

High  Precision for Sheet Metal Punching 


JH21 C frame press uses rectangular type lengthened slide guides with bronze plates for higher guide precision.

Hydraulic Overload Protected 


The press is standard equipped with Japanese SHOWA hydraulic overload pump. 



JH21-125 C Frame Pneumatic Press Machine

Adopt to sheet metal punching , cutting, bending, drawing,stamping,blanking and forging process

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