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Is hydraulic guillotine shearing machine manufactured by WORLD exquisite?
WORLD's manufacturing technique takes the lead in the marketplace. We've been stressing the quality of shearing machine and high efficiency throughout the production process. By being armed with advanced machines and backed by experienced engineers, we've got sufficient capacity to generate products that are amazing.

Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. is the dominant mechanical power press supplier. According to the material, Yingxin's products are divided into several categories, and mechanical power press is one of them. hydraulic shearing machine outshine other similar products due to its hydraulic metal shear design. It has advantages in internal mechanical performance, such as smooth operation. The product has reached the domestic advanced level and contributed to the international trade. The clearance between connecting rod and slider has been eliminated to reduce force component impact and abrasion.

We actively promote the progress of projects in the field of environmental protection. We recycle and reuse most of the wastes and utilize the rest of the waste to generate energy, aiming to develop a cyclic economy.
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