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Introduction to the structure of hydraulic CNC bending machine and its selection method

by:WORLD     2022-08-23

Press brakes are suitable for socialized mass production of specialized machines. Many people may have seen them but they do not know much about its structure and its selection method. Here, world press machine has specially compiled relevant information for you. Let's go see it together!

Structure description of hydraulic CNC bending machine:

1. Slider part: hydraulic transmission is adopted, and the slider part is composed of a slider, an oil cylinder and a mechanical stopper fine-tuning structure. The left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston drives the slider to move up and down through hydraulic pressure, and the mechanical stop is controlled by the numerical control system to adjust the value;

2. Worktable part: operated by the button box, the motor drives the material stopper to move back and forth, and the moving distance is controlled by the numerical control system, and the minimum reading is 0.01 mm;

3. Synchronization system: The machine consists of a mechanical synchronization mechanism composed of torsion shaft, swing arm, joint bearing, etc., with simple structure, stable and reliable performance, and high synchronization accuracy. The mechanical stop is adjusted by the motor, and the numerical control system controls the value;

4. Material stopper mechanism: The material stopper is driven by a motor, which drives the two screw rods to move synchronously through chain operation, and the numerical control system controls the stopper size.

Selection method of hydraulic CNC bending machine:

1. Workpiece

An important thing to consider is the part you are producing, the point is to buy a machine that can do the job with the shortest table and the smallest tonnage.

Carefully consider material grades as well as machined thicknesses and lengths. If most of the work is mild steel 16 gauge thick and 10 feet long, the free bending force need not be greater than 50 tons. However, if you are doing a lot of bottomed die forming, maybe a 160-ton machine should be considered.

2, torsion

Under the same load, the deflection of the table and slider of the 10-foot machine is 4 times that of the 5-foot machine. That said, shorter machines require less shim adjustment to produce acceptable parts. Reduced shim adjustment in turn reduces setup time.

3. Bending radius

When free bending is used, the bending radius is 0.156 times the opening distance of the die. During the free bending process, the opening distance of the die should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. For example, when forming 16 gauge mild steel using a 1/2 inch gap, the part has a bend radius of about 0.078 inch. If the bending radius is almost as small as the material thickness, a bottomed die forming is required.

The above is the introduction of the world press machine, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the hydraulic CNC bending machine.

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