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Introduction to the characteristics of the bending machine and related information on its use

by:WORLD     2022-08-24

We must all have a certain awareness of the bending machine. In fact, it is a kind of machine that can bend thin plates. Its structure is more complicated, but it has a relatively high Its use value is favored by people in many fields. The following is an introduction to 'Introduction to the characteristics of the bending machine and related information on its use'.

Features of bending machine

1. Can reduce energy consumption

The numerical control frequency conversion cabinet is used to change the traditional quantitative pump into a variable pump, and the frequency conversion speed regulation method of high pressure and low pressure dual signal input is adopted to replace the previous valve speed regulation method, which greatly reduces the energy consumption.

2. Improve the service life of production process equipment

The hydraulic machine energy-saving cabinet device adopts external expansion synchronous control, and any speed section can be adjusted at will, which can easily meet the hydraulic process requirements, make it reach the value, and improve the production process than before. And it can reduce the oil temperature of the system, prolong the life of the sealing element, and reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

3. Easy to control and operate:

The CNC energy-saving cabinet device adopts advanced computer control means, uses the synchronous signal of the hydraulic machine computer, and automatically controls the oil pump motor according to its process requirements. The operation is safe and reliable. There is no need to adjust the hydraulic machine energy-saving cabinet during production, and the control operation is convenient and simple.

4. There is no throttling energy loss, the overflow energy loss is greatly reduced, the system noise is reduced by 3-5 decibels, the heating of the oil pipe is reduced, and the oil temperature is reduced.

5. Realize soft start in full sense

The small starting current of the speed regulating device of the energy-saving cabinet of the hydraulic press greatly reduces the work of the hydraulic press, which can greatly reduce the requirements for the capacity of the power supply transformer, improve the quality of the power grid, avoid the impact of the equipment itself, and prolong the service life of the equipment and molds.

6. High reliability

The speed control device of the numerical control energy-saving cabinet can realize the power frequency/frequency conversion conversion, and even in the case of the frequency conversion failure, it can be converted to the power frequency without affecting the production progress. The lifting torque is large and the dynamic response is fast, which is suitable for the sudden acceleration of hydraulic presses.

7. Frequency conversion energy saving, in terms of energy saving effect, it is still inefficient and simple, but it is more economical and can reduce noise

Failure analysis and maintenance methods:

1. Fault phenomenon When the machine tool starts normally, press the hydraulic pump start button, the slider does not lift up quickly, but stops at the bottom; and the hydraulic pump and hydraulic system pipeline make a muffled sound of 'humming' , it seems to be 'boring', and the CNC system has no alarm, check the electrical appliances and their connection lines, all are normal.

2. Failure analysis and elimination According to the analysis of the failure situation, the problem should be in the hydraulic system. The reason for the failure: the 475 proportional reversing valve controlled by the numerical control system in the synchronous control block does not move, so that the oil from the hydraulic pump cannot enter the lower chamber of the hydraulic cylinder, so the slider cannot be lifted; the pump control block is controlled by the numerical control system The 1Y1 proportional relief valve has no action and is in the unloading state, so that the oil from the hydraulic pump fails to enter the synchronous control block and flows directly back to the oil tank, or the action is not fully in place, and the pressure provided to the hydraulic cylinders on both sides is not enough to lift slider.

3. There may be a foreign body in the 1Y1 proportional relief valve that has stuck the spool. Even if the numerical control system sends an action signal, the spool is not fully moved, and the pressure provided to the hydraulic cylinders on both sides is not enough to lift the slider. The muffled sound from the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic pipeline should be caused by the vibration caused by the high-speed oil flowing through the hydraulic system pipeline and the hydraulic pump running under an abnormal load.

After dismantling the 1Y1 proportional relief valve, take out the valve core and various parts, soak them in gasoline together with the valve body, clean the rubber sealing ring three times, clean it with kerosene and install it once, restart the machine, troubleshoot, and the machine tool runs normally .

The above introduction, I hope to deepen your understanding of the bending machine.

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