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Introduction of single-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-15
Introduction of single-column hydraulic press

1. The newly designed hydraulic press, the hydraulic power system adopts the differential pressure circuit design to meet the requirements of low noise and fast action, and can reduce the power consumption during standby, so as to save energy and power consumption.

2. The overall design of the hydraulic system and the machine, the system components can be seen, and the maintenance and maintenance are convenient.

3. The C-type frame is sturdy and can withstand greater pressure, the workpiece is easy to move up and down, and the operation is easy to adjust.

4. The cylinder stroke and speed can be adjusted, and the pressure adjustment is also simple.

5. Comprehensive safety design, two-hand operation, equipped with emergency buttons and inching of the upper and lower molds, to facilitate the installation and calibration of the mold, and can be equipped with photoelectric hand guards according to customer requirements to make the operation safer.

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