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Installation and debugging requirements of hydraulic valve

by:WORLD     2022-09-14
The surface roughness of the hydraulic press valve mounting seat should be less than Ra16μm·1 and the surface roughness should not be greater than 0.025mm. When installing the hydraulic press valve, check whether there is any dirt on the installation surface of the following items, whether the O-ring is in good condition at the inlet and outlet, and whether the positioning pin hole is correct. When installing the valve on the connecting plate, the connecting screws should be tightened evenly; Before turning on the circuit, pay attention to check the terminal. After a normal build, enter the polarity check. It is not allowed to use magnetic materials to make the mounting seat, and there is no obvious magnetic field interference around the valve. Before installing the valve, do not switch the zero adjustment device at will.

The working environment of hydraulic press valve installation should be kept clean, and the positive particles on the installation surface should be attached. A lint-free cloth or special paper should be used for cleaning. Before the valve is formally installed, the pipeline should be connected to the precision filter 1 and run for 1 hour with 60°C working oil. The flush plate of the valve should be removed prior to installation and stored for future service. Welded connectors are not allowed for hydraulic pipelines, and it is recommended to use ferrule type 24. Connectors in the form of cones. Do not connect the inlet oil and the oil return port wrongly, especially when the oil supply pressure reaches or exceeds WMPa.

The fuel tank should be sealed, and stainless steel plate should be used as far as possible. The fuel tank should be equipped with filters for fueling and air filtration. It is forbidden to use twine, glue seasoning agent and sealing tape as sealing materials.

In order to reduce and eliminate the gap between the valve spool and the valve sleeve, the fat check valve is stuck or blocked, a high-frequency and low-amplitude flutter signal should be superimposed on the input signal during the use of the moving coil valve. By direct return to the tank, and must be installed vertically. The double injection valve requires the oil to be supplied first and then the electric signal. If the valve oscillates during use, it can be eliminated by changing the length of the card pipeline, the connection plate or the installation form of the hydraulic actuator.

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